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Last reviewed: 10/07/2009
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Last updated: 01/06/2009

Demonstration videos

BDA web services have produced a number of demonstration videos to support users of the main BDA website and the BDA communities. Demonstrations include a walkthrough of the first time login process, accessing the BDJ and a number of tutorials for BDA Communities.

BDA Website 1st time login

This demonstration walks through the first time login process; this is a requirement for all members wishing to use the main BDA website and BDA Communities and is necessary for gaining access to the BDJ online resources.

Direct Link: http://connect.bda.org/gettingstarted

Accessing the BDJ online

This brief demonstration shows how BDA members should access the BDJ online to ensure full access to The BDJ online resources.

Direct Link: http://connect.bda.org/accessbdj

BDA Communities

This series of demonstrations give an overview of BDA communities, with an aim to helping users access, customise and contribute to the BDA Community.

Direct Link: http://connect.bda.org/communities

Feedback on these tutorials is welcomed, please send your comments to the web services team.