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The BDA is the professional association for dentists and dental students in the UK. It exists solely for the benefit of its members, has no external shareholders, and so its resources are used exclusively for the benefit of the membership. As a registered trade union the governing body of the BDA must be directly elected by its wider membership.

The governing body of the BDA is the Principal Executive Committee (PEC) which comprises of 15 members elected as following;

  • Nine members from English regions 
  • One member from Northern Ireland 
  • One member from Scotland  
  • One member from Wales  
  • Three members elected on a UK wide basis 

Further information regarding PEC seats and members can be found to the left.

The PEC draws on a range of policy determining forums to inform its direction and decision making. These include the country councils along with craft and cohort based committees that focus on the interests of constituent parts of the profession, such as the General Dental Practice Committee.

Also established by the PEC are issue specific forums such as the Health and Science Committee, and the working group for Ethics, Education and the Dental Team.

The Articles of Association empower the PEC to open and close other standing committees to help it in its work.

BDA Governance team
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