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Last reviewed: 29/02/2012
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NEW for 2012

BDA Demonstration theatre

An innovative and exciting new feature

conf-_MG_8250Seating up to 70 delegates around an open stage within the exhibtion hall, this watch-and-learn programme takes place throughout the three days of the event. Practical, hands-on sessions for the whole team will be presented by a range of experts demonstrating on phantom head simulators, and scenarios illustrated through role-play enactments.

Achieving excellence in...

The UCL Eastman Dental Institute present a series of hands-on clinical sessions.

  • Paediatric dentistry: pulpotomies and stainless steel crowns
  • Restorative dentistry: aesthetic resin restorations in the management of trauma
  • Endodontics: latest techniques in endodontic practice
  • Prosthodontics: ceramic veneers and crown preparations

Speakers: Dr Paul Ashley, Dr Alyn Morgan, Dr Rob Stone, Dr Dina Dedi 

Managing dental anxiety

Observe acted out scenarios of typical anxiety issues patients are likely to come across when visiting the dentist. Be guided through a range of different tools and techniques by a dental psychologist expert, which you can implement to alleviate the anxiety some patients experience.

Speaker: Professor Tim Newton

Using sedation techniques to help phobic patients

Realise the benefits of conscious sedation from a dental expert whol will demonstrate safe adn effective techniques which can be incorporated into your everyday practice.

Speaker: Dr Carole Boyle 

Disciplinary procedures

A good disciplinary procedure is an important tool for managing staff performance. Observe a role-play scenario of what not to do! Let us guide you through the common legal challenges.

Speaker: BDA Management Consultant

Dental photography

What a dental photographic expert lead a demonstration, showing the top techniques used to take quality and consistent dental photographs.

Speaker: Dr Phil Wander

Medical emergencies

Medical emergencies can happen at any time in the dental practice. Witness the most common medical emergency scenarios acted out in role-play and learn how to react quickly, correctly and with confidence.

Speakers: Dr Kathryn Taylor, Dr Julie Burke


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