Promoting oral health to children

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Have a look at the slideshow

Click on the picture to view a selection of potential ideas from:
Wilson P. Practical dental health education: a guide to home-made resources and ideas (2nd edition). Southern Derbyshire Health Authority, 1983
Smiling for life: a nutrition and oral health package for pre-schools. London: Health Education Authority, 1999

These include the poems and stories "Dragons go to the dentist", "Ten lovely pearly teeth", "New brushes for old" plus "Safe snacks for teeth".


If you fancy snakes and ladders with a twist why not try this game adapted from "Toothbrushes and Rock" which appears in the book, "Practical dental health education".Have a look at the full size version


Book in focus

Bacteria galore by Sunday at four
Mel Rosenberg, 2000

"Bacteria galore by Sunday at four" takes a light-hearted look at microbes: what they are, where they are found, and what they do. Written in rhyme and begging to be read aloud, it is aimed at primary school aged children but will be enjoyed by parents and teachers too.

The text is complimented by bright, colourful illustrations by the artist Tali Niv-Dolinsky. Like the text these are simultaneously educational and fun; a well drawn picture of a microscope precedes an eye-catchingly unattractive magnified fly.

Mel Rosenberg is a professor of Microbiology, and therefore the book takes a broader view of the subject of bacteria than simply their relationship to caries and bad breath. However, the importance of brushing our teeth is highlighted, alongside why we bleed when we are cut and why we need injections and medicines. Overall this is a helpful book for teaching children about oral hygiene (and washing behind their ears and between their toes!) which avoids oversimplifying the facts while still presenting them in an accessible manner.

This book is available to borrow from the BDA library on a four-week loan, and is shelved at D897 ROS.

DVD in focus

A child's eye view of dentists
Child's eye media, 2008

The aim of this DVD is to educate children about the importance of oral health and regular visits to the dentist. Five year old Amy and her brother are taken to visit the dentist by their Mother. Amy enjoys her visit and later comes back to the surgery to assist her dentist Alex with his check-ups of the teeth of some other children. Amy learns about different dental instruments, how to make a filling and helps to operate the dental chair.

In the second segment, Alex goes to Amy’s school and teaches the children about good and bad food and drink for teeth and what happens if you have too much sugar. The children make some tooth friendly snacks and play at being dentists and dental nurses.

This is an award winning film that will not only appeal to young viewers aged 3 to 8 but will also provide ideas for parents and teachers to encourage children to feel comfortable visiting the dentist and look after their teeth.

This item is available to borrow on a 4 week loan from the library and is shelved at A 451.

Have a look at our book list related to oral health promotion to children

We have a number of items available for loan on the subject of oral health promotion to children.

Have a look at the book list and if you would like to borrow anything please email us.