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Books_webiconThis page contains lists of some our dental history books by specific area. These are all available for loan from the BDA library.

More information about borrowing is available on our Loans page.

New to the "Dental schools, association and societies list"

A History of the University of Bristol Dental School and its Site by C Stephens. Bristol Dental Alumni Association, 2010.

Lists by subject

Click on each title to see a list of books available. Click on the envelope icon to request a book from each list.

Military dental historyEmail a request to borrow a book on military dental history
Dental schools, association and societiesEmail a request to borrow a book on dental schools, association or societies
Dental biography and autobiographyEmail a request to borrow a dental biography or autobiography
Dental instrumentsEmail a request to borrow a book on the history of dental instruments

Rare book collection

The BDA library has a large collection of rare books from the 16th to the 20th centuries. A catalogue of the collection as it existed then was produced in 1964 and may be viewed here. Since then the 20th century collection has expanded and book records for these and some of the older rare books exist on our online catalogue along with links to full text versions where available.

If you are interested in reading more online about the history of dental instruments then have a look at the BDA Dental Museum pages.

If you are a BDA member and  would like to see a list of our books on a particular aspect of dental history please email us and we will prepare one for you.

Alternatively if you would like a list of articles published on a particular aspect of dentistry then as a BDA member you can request a free literature search from us.