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Articles-webiconThis page contains information about journals and articles related to the history of dentistry. Issues are reference only but BDA members can request specific articles by downloading our photocopy request form.

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In the latest issue of Dental History Magazine

Articles included in the Spring 2014 issue are:

  • A monstrous regiment of women? Attitudes to the vanguard of female dentists

  • Companions of the liberation: Philippe Sassoon and Maurice Prochasson

  • The fascination of dentistry and the history of the house

  • The history of dentistry through art

Amelogenesis imperfecta in sixteenth century high society

An article about the skeletal remains of Giovanna of Austria (1547-1578), daughter of Emperor Ferdinand I of Habsburg and first wife of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Francesco I has just been published in the February 2014 issue of the European Journal of Oral Sciences.

Available journals

Dental History Magazine (formerly History of Dentistry Newsletter) - the journal of the History of Dentistry Research Group1997-2012 available on the Research Group website
Library holdings: 2007 to date
Dental Historian (originally called The Lindsay Club Occasional Newsletter) - the journal of the Lindsay Society for the History of DentistryRead more about the Lindsay Society
Library holdings: 1975 to date
Journal of the History of Dentistry (originally called Bulletin of the History of Dentistry) - the journal of the American Academy for the History of DentistryIssues from 2005-2009 are available free on the Academy website
Library holdings: 1953 to date

If you are interested in reading more online about the history of dentistry then have a look at the BDA Dental Museum pages.

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