Free EBD and Medline searches

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Last updated: 12/03/2013
Search-webiconThe library offers a free Medline and evidence based dentistry literature search service to all BDA members.

Contact us with details of the topics you would like searched (medical or dental).

What we search

  • Medline

  • Cochrane

  • Various other online sources for articles and/or details of guidelines/policy documents

The results should be emailed or posted back within 2 working days.


What we supply

Each Medline search will contain:

  • the search strategy used so that you can see how the search was carried out

  • a list of article references along with abstracts

  • a message stating if we should have a particular journal in the library

In addition, Cochrane reviews plus electronic copies of guidelines/policy documents will be supplied where possible and references to them where not.

Email us to request a one off search with details of your topic.


Regular update searches

If there is a particular topic that you would like to keep up to date with you can request a regular update search. You will be emailed with references every time new articles on your topic appear on Medline.

Email us to request the regular update service with details of your topic.


Access to Ovid Medline

Visit the Ovid Medline page 

If you would like to carry out your own searches Ovid Medline is available for members.

The Cochrane library is also available free to UK users.