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Easter closing

The library will be closed for the Easter break on Friday 18th April and will reopen on Tuesday 22nd April.

Why not try some of our Easter recipes?

Articles-webicon Women in dentistry 100 years ago

A piece spotted in an April 1914 issue of the BDJ on "Women and dentistry" has been added to the Women in dentistry page

The History journals page has also just been updated.

ebooks_webicon Gulabivala and Cameron

The new edition of Gulabivala's Endodontics is now available as an ebook.

Access it on our Endodontics ebooks page.

Plus we have just purchased the new edition of Cameron & Widmer's Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry.

Access it on our Paediatric ebooks page.

Plus a new book from Springer publishing, Orofacial Pain - a Clinician's Guide

And a new book from Elsevier, Advanced Ceramics for Dentistry.

Articles-webicon Articles on tooth wear - updated package page

The Topic packages page has just been updated to highlight packages of articles available for loan on tooth wear and conditions that may lead to it.

Visit the page.

Have a look at our newly created Arthritis package.

Books_webicon A long climb for the dental profession

The Long Climb: from Barber-Surgeons to Doctors of Dental Surgery is a newly published book with a slightly different approach to the history of dentistry.

Read more about it on our Dental history page.

Also read about some weird and wonderful toothache cures on our Dental folklore page.

Explore our veterinary dentistry collection

Visit the Veterinary dentistry display

For January-March 2014 our new display explores aspects of our veterinary dentistry collection.


Why not also have a look at our past displays on the other library display pages.