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Books_webicon Keep up to date with what's new

Five books are highlighted in our new books section covering oral and maxillofacial surgery, ultrasonic debridement, medical problems, medical illustration and TMJ.

Take a look.

Articles-webicon Folder of articles on dentistry in times of war

If you are interested in reading about dentistry during World Wars One and Two as well as during other conflicts then why not borrow our package.

Read more about this and our armed forces package on our newly updated History packages page.

Dentists in World War One

The Glimpses of BDA Past page is focusing on events at the beginning of the war surrounding military recruits. Thousands were rejected from military service because of the state of their teeth.

Throughout this memorial period @BDALibrary will be tweeting every Sunday using #WW1Dentists to highlight the role of dentists during World War One both on the home front and in the armed forces, as dentists and as ordinary servicemen.

Please join in with your own stories using the hashtag at any time.

Library display

Visit the display pageFor June-August 2014 we are exploring aspects of our dental bleaching collection.

Books_webicon Dragon teeth, Clementine crocodile, Renata Oldmouse...

Have a look at the updated Books for children page.