Oral hygiene resources

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Are you preparing a talk on oral health for a school or local group?

To help to promote the benefits of good oral hygiene to adults and children there are a variety of educational items available for members to borrow.

Resources for children

We have a large collection of resources suitable for children. These are highlighted on the DVDs and Books for children pages.

To mark World Oral Health Day 2014 the FDI has produced an electronic children's book, The Tooth Thief which is available for iBooks, Kindle Fire and as a pdf.

Children's oral hygiene exhibition
Click to visit the exhibition page and download this gameColourfully illustrated poems and games for children were included in an exhibition previously displayed in the library and may still be viewed. Includes dental snakes and ladders with cut-out counters!

Resources for adults

Fewer resources are available for promoting oral health to adults. These are highlighted on the Resources for adults page.

Other oral health resources from the BDA

BDA Museum resources
  • Museum loan boxes - bring your talk to a school or local group to life by borrowing a loan box from the BDA museum. Containing historic artefacts and a CD-Rom on the history of dental care the boxes are available to borrow free of charge to BDA members

  • Outreach visits to schools in the London area

  • Free activity worksheets to download for younger children

  • Free activity worksheets to download for older children

  • Dental related BDA Museum products to buy from the BDA shop

BDA Smile

BDA Smile is a website informing the public about dentistry and oral health and includes a 3D Mouth computer model and accompanying teaching resources available to download free of charge and an online matching pairs game that teaches children about oral health.