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ebooks_webicon New textbook on oral surgery and other ebooks

A new textbook from Wiley Blackwell has just been published and is now available as an ebook.

Access Essentials of oral and maxillofacial surgery on our Oral surgery ebooks page.

Other new ebooks are:

Student bundles - now updated for May

All of these topic based "bundles", containing articles, documents, guidelines, and other information can now be accessed through the website.

Visit the student bundle page to link through to each bundle.

Search-webiconSaliva, Sport & Supernumerary teeth

Have a look at the letter "S" and previous lettered searches on the Alphabet searches page.

Keep up to date with newly published research

The Research roundup page is updated regularly. 

Have you tried obtaining articles from us?

We charge student members £1 an article and £1 per chapter - have a look at our student article supply page.

Visiting the library

Articles-webiconThe library can be used for reference purposes by students and a number of journals can be accessed free online whilst you are visiting.
Articlesfee_webiconPhotocopying facilities are available for a student charge of 10p per page.
Search-webiconIf you would like information on how to search Medline using Ovid or Pubmed yourself a librarian should be available to help you with some basic advice.
Print-webiconPrinting facilities and free WiFi are also available.