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’Child Protection and the Dental Team: an​ introduction to safeguarding children in dental pr​actice’ 2006 version, last updated in November 2009
Latest changes - 2013 update ​ Summary of changes made to the website in 2013. May be used in conjuction with the above pdf or with bound copies of the handbook as an alternative to the website

How to order ​a bou​nd copy of the handbook

Addenda and foreign language translations

​​​​​​ ​Title ​Description
Scotland ​'Child Protection and the Dental Team' An addendum for Scotland ​Details differences for dental teams working in Scotland
​Wales ​'Safeguarding in Dental Practice' ​Guidance on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults for dental teams working in Wales
Welsh site
Croatian translation ​‘Zaštita djeteta i stomatološki tim: uvod u provedbu zaštite djece u stomatološkoj praksi’ ​Translation of the handbook into Croatian by Ivana Čuković–Bagić of the University of Zagreb
Greek translation ​"Η προστασία του παιδιού και η οδοντιατρική ομάδα" ​Translation of the handbook into Greek by Dr Elias Berdouses


​Title ​Description
Documen​​t 1​ ​Record of general CPD ​To record your use of this website/handbook for CPD
Document 2 ​Record of significant events ​To share your experiences and learning with colleagues
Document 3 ​Question prompts ​To insert in paper-based records after oro-facial injury (formatted to print on self adhesive paper or labels 99.1mm x 38.1mm x 14 e.g. Avery A4 L7163 or J8163)
Document 4 ​Flow chart for action ​Summary of what to do if you're worried about a child
Document 5 ​Record of facial injury ​Face map proforma to improve record keeping
Document 6 ​Letter to health visitors ​Template letter to inform of children under-5 who fail to attend dental appointments
Document 7 ​Safeguarding children in dental practice: practice check list ​To record the measures you have taken to safeguard children
Document 8 ​Child protection policy statement ​Sample child protection policy statement


Child protection and the dental team: A PowerPoint presentation of key points for use by teachers and trainers