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BDA Qualification in Dental Radiography

The BDA is delighted to introduce it's own qualification in dental radiography for DCPs. To gain the qualification students will need to​:

  • Gain clinical experience in taking radiographs by completing a practical portfolio.
  • ​Take a 1 hour multiple-choice exam on the theoretical aspects of dental radiography.


Practical Portfolio

For the practical portfolio students must take a minimum of 40 radiographs under supervision, which must include the following types of radiographs:

  • 20 periapicals (using the paralleling technique)
  • 10 pairs of bitewings
  • 10 panoramic radiographs
Students with access to the relevant equipment and patients may add the following radiographs to their portfolio:​
  • Bisected angle technique periapicals
  • Occlusals
  • Cephalometric lateral skull views
These radiographs are not required to pass the qualification and will not contribute to the students final grade, but will be recorded in the student's transcript to demonstrate their experience.



Once you have successfully completed the online course and the practical work, you will be prompted to register for an examination for a fee of £124. Exams are held online, on a set Saturday, at 10am, using a secure system.

You must have access to a PC, with broadband internet connection, to be able to take the final exam (you will not be able to use a Mac to take the final exam).

The exam will last for 1hr and consist of 65 true/false questions and 15 best answer answer questions. We will give you plenty of practise in answering exam questions during the course and you will also have the chance to sit mock exams online.


Key dates

​Course ​Portfolio deadline ​Online examination
​20 August 2018​12 February 2019​23 March 2019
​17 September 2018​5 March 2019​23 March 2019
​14 January 2019​9 July 2019​14 September 2019
​11 February 20196 August 2019​​​14 September 2019
​11 March 20193 September 2019​​14 September 2019
​​23 April 2019​8 October 2019​23 November 2019
​​20 May 2019​22 October 2019​23 November 2019
​17 June 2019​5 November 2019​23 November 2019