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What about continuing care and capitation payments?

What happens to an associate’s continuing care and capitation payments (CCCPs) will depend on the arrangements made to cover her absence. If a locum is engaged by the associate and the practice owner keeps the usual percentage, the rest of the CCCPs will usually be paid to the associate along with a percentage of item of service fees. The associate will then pay the locum.

If no locum is engaged and other dentists at the practice provide cover, then the situation is altered. Whoever provides cover and care to the associate’s patients during her absence should be paid for the treatment undertaken. This can be done in a variety of ways. For the children who are treated, you could pay the treating dentist an item-of-service fee or the treating dentist could be paid a percentage of your capitation fees for the period you are absent. The choice will depend on the number of children treated in relation to those normally booked in.

The dentist providing care has a claim on the continuing care payments since the associate will be unable to provide care for them.