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Accredited Representatives induction and training events

Accredited Representatives (ARs) Induction Course

The next AR Induction Course will take place in on 1st & 2nd September 2010. The course is aimed at newly elected AR and centre on the role of a union representative,  current employment relations matters, and  introducing the basic legal requirements that forms part of terms and conditions of employment.

For more information, please contact Andrea Greatrex on 02920 436185 or Jess McKiernan 02920 436183

To further support AR in their role, the ER Team have been developing a highly educational series of E-learning Modules that will provide the flexibility needed to ARs and offer a platform to access immediate training following a successful election e.g. triennial or mid term. The Team will also host separate training days incorporating a blend of learning methods and offering classroom style training for either ‘knowledge updating’ and ‘advanced sessions’.

The first module from the E-Learning Series will be launched on the AR Forum in October 2010. All modules abide by GDC regulations and ARs will earn verifiable CPD points. ARs will be sent a course login code and should have access to a computer linked to the internet to ideally complete the modules during normal work time or TOIL as part of AR accreditation duties (REP 10 Time off for Trade Union Duties).

All ARs knowledge updating training day

More information will be posted on the website and details sent to ARs in March  2011.