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SPDCS contract and terms and conditions of service

cf-law-v2England and Wales

In England (November 2007) and Wales (May 2008), Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) and Local Health boards (LHBs) transferred staff from the old Whitley arrangements to the Salaried Primary Dental Care Service (SPDCS) contract. Within the transfer staff had their pay rates backdated from the 1 June 2007 (for those in post at that date) under the new arrangements as this was the original agreed implementation date for the contract.
The Primary Care Contracting Website is the primary source of information on for PCOs. The site also provides sections for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that have been agreed between Department of Health (DH) and the British Dental Association.

The BDA advice sheets and formal contractual documentation are available to download below. If you would like to speal to a member of the Employment Relations Team on 020 7563 4582 or email