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Consultant contract

Through NHS Employers the Department of Health is seeking to discuss changes to or a negotiation of the consultant contract with the BMA in relation to the government's proposal for seven day working. The BMA Consultants committee's steering groups is leading on this, with input from the BDA. The BDA has a seat on the group. 


Central Committee for Hospital Dental Services

About the Committee

The Central Committee for Hospital Dental Services (CCHDS) is a craft committee of the BDA. It is concerned with all matters that affect dental staff working in hospitals on dental and medical terms and conditions. It advises the BDA and its other committees on all matters relating to the provision, maintenance and enhancement of efficient, effective and economical hospital dental and dental public health services.

CCHDS has close links with the British Medical Association (BMA), in particular the Central Consultants Committee (CCC), The Staff, Associate Specialists and Specialty Doctors Committee (SASC), Junior Doctors' Committee (JDC), and the Joint Medical Consultative Council (JMCC).

The BMA also provides employment advice on behalf of the BDA to members employed on hospital terms and conditions. 


The Committee consists of consultant members, staff and associate specialist members and trainee representatives all elected nationally . A list of current members can be found using the navigation to the left.




Peter Dyer, Chair of CCHDS​

Future meetings

Thursday 11th April 2019

Contact details

If you would like further information regarding the CCHDS please contact the Committee Secretary, Ian Oakley:

Telephone: 020 7563 4130
Fax: 020 7563 4561