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Student representatives

Student representatives are called 'BDA Representatives'.

In 2009 and again in 2014, students voted for a name change for school representatives from BDSA rep to BDA rep, as it was felt that the new title summarised their role more effectively. 

Every UK dental school has two student representatives, a 'junior' and 'senior' rep. Student BDA representatives are elected in a variety of ways depending on individual dental schools.

Normally the position is voted in at dental society elections, with reps holding office for two years: initially classed as junior, progressing to senior.

Reps role and responsibilities

  1. Support and champion BDA campaigns and activities.
  2. Promote BDA membership within dental schools.
  3. Support BDA events within dental schools.
  4. Act as the BDA school student contact.
  5. Publicise BDA events.
  6. Attend two Student Committee meetings a year in London (expenses paid).
  7. Prior to meetings, canvas student opinions to find out if there are any issues to raise.
  8. Prior to meetings, read the papers that are sent out. Bring a copy (electronic or paper) along to the meeting so you are ready to discuss the contents.
  9. After each meeting, report back to your dental school about the meeting content.

Meeting attendance

Every Student Committee meeting is attended by the junior and senior rep, plus the Executive Committee. If student reps are unable to attend meetings, they can be substituted by their dental society President, Vice President or other dental society committee member (in that order).

Getting involved

If you are interested in representing your school, please either speak to your school BDA Representative or email for more details.