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The BDA is doing everything in its power on the issues that matter to you. Whether you are in private, mixed or NHS practice, our priority is the safety of you, your team and your patients and the financial sustainability of your practice. I am regularly adding to this page to keep you updated on what we are doing across the UK.

Martin Woodrow
Chief Executive



Friday 2 June 2023


Video: Monthly round-up

In our latest video CEO Martin Woodrow highlights the ways we've been supporting you throughout May.
You can read about the stories outlined in the video here:

  • In England, May brought the return of patients queuing outside practices in England to try to get NHS treatment. Meanwhile, the Westminster Government has persisted that the service is somehow on a road to recovery, a myth we have been busting
  • In Northern Ireland, we sent an open letter to the Permanent Secretary highlighting the significant pressures on all dental services
  • In Scotland, formal discussions have now commenced between the Government and the Scottish Dental Practice Committee on future fees for the revised statement of dental remuneration. Also, this month, negotiations with Scottish Government around pay for doctors and dentists in hospital training posts have led to a pay offer which the BDA and BMA have put to members for a consultative vote
  • In Wales, the Welsh Conservatives put forward a motion in a Senedd debate that dentistry was in crisis and action must be taken to reverse current trends. They called on the minister to work with us to increase access, highlighting our investigation last year.
We will keep you updated as we continue to push for progress on these areas and for meaningful, long-term contract reform.


Scotland: Increase to vocational training grant and emergency dental services fee announced

Following our calls, today sees the announcement of an increase to the Vocational Training Grant and Emergency Dental Services fee.

Publication of an amendment to the Statement of Dental Renumeration (SDR), Amendment No.160 will be available to view on the Scottish Dental website.


Scotland: MSPs call on government to take action on dentistry crisis

On Wednesday in the Scottish Parliament, we saw MSPs from the SNP, Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish Conservatives and the Scottish Labour Party call on the Government to take action to address the crisis facing NHS dentistry in Scotland.


Over the past month hundreds of dentists from across Scotland have been contacting their representatives to share their experiences in providing NHS dental services and the challenges they face.


Your efforts are seeing results in the Scottish Parliament.


You can watch the debate on Scottish Parliament TV.



Thursday 1 June 2023


Falsified medical oxygen requires urgent checks

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) has advised us that falsified medical oxygen has been circulating in several dental practices across the UK. The source of the supply has been identified.

An assessment of risk to public health and patient safety has been completed and the risk was found to be low. A criminal investigation into the company that supplied this stock is ongoing. The falsified product in circulation is labelled: Medical Oxygen B.P PL No 04280/001 MEDIGAS OXYGEN.

We urge you to check your oxygen supplies and ensure you have not been supplied with this product. If you find evidence that any of your oxygen is labelled as shown above, stop using it and replace it with legitimate stock. If you have been supplied with this product, please notify MHRA Senior Criminal Enforcement Officer Mark Ling via email.

All healthcare professionals must ensure that medical oxygen supplies are procured only from authorised and licensed manufacturers or from authorised wholesale dealers of medical oxygen. It is vital that you check that your practice suppliers are authorised and licensed by the MHRA. Your supplier should have a Wholesale Dealer's Authority, which is supplied by the MHRA.


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June 2020

In June dental practices in England reopened, however PPE shortages, cash flow and childcare made the return difficult for many. Non-AGP care resumed in Scotland, as private practices began to re-open. Wales and Northern Ireland also saw an expansion of care, as restrictions were slowly lifted across the country.


We launched a toolkit for returning to face-to-face care to help our members re-open safely and efficiently. Over 6,000 members downloaded it in the first day for advice on issues such as social distancing in practice, PPE, fit-testing and employment issues.


We presented evidence of the catastrophic impact of the pandemic on dentistry to the House of Commons' Health select Committee, and pushed for clarify on financial support in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh. We also secured widespread media coverage for dentists' concerns.


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May 2020

In May, as lockdown continued and death rates fell, we helped members prepare for the re-opening of dental practices.


In England it was announced that practices could re-open from 8 June, in contrast to the phased re-opening announced In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We developed a risk assessment tool and advised members on how to return-to-work safely and efficiently.


We also took action on business interruption cover by engaging the law firm Brown Rudnick LLP for legal advice on insurers not paying insurance claims made by dentists during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our campaigns for PPE and financial support made progress, but government continued to drag its feet in supporting self-employed and private dentists, so we continued to push on your behalf at a national and regional level.


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April 2020

Coronavirus cases continued to rise in April, with the death-toll surpassing 10,000 by Easter weekend. Urgent dental centres (UDCs) were set up across the country. Shortages of PPE for frontline health care workers resulted in delays, particularly in England.


We fought to support members and petition the government on issues ranging from PPE availability, to the financial sustainability of dentistry. We pushed MPs and secured widespread media coverage on these issues. Our campaign for private practices garnered cross-party support with 101 MPs signing our letter calling on the government to consider the plight of dentists. Dentists across the UK volunteered to help the response and were redeployed across NHS services.  


We developed tools for members, such as our furlough calculator, webinars on financial issues and an extensive FAQ page in response to member questions.


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March 2020

In March 2020 we saw a radical departure from normal life in the UK. The COVID-19 outbreak led to schools, restaurants and bars being closed and unprecedented restrictions were placed on dental treatment.  


From the start, we demanded the Government confirm a financial support strategy for the dental sector. Chancellor Rishi Sunak pledged furloughing, loans and cash grants. But we sought clarity on support for NHS and mixed practices and we consistently pushed for Government to extend support to self-employed dentists and private practices. 


Wales became the first UK country to move to red alert status, which saw restrictions to all routine care and plans to open urgent dental centres (UDCs) announced. Scotland and Northern Ireland soon followed, however, there were delays in England, which we took directly to the Minister.  


With many practices all but closing, this was a stressful and confusing time for many dentists. Our advice team answered record numbers of member queries and we launched our Coronavirus advice pages to update you on the latest developments.


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