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Attenborough and Mayhew

​Attenborough and Mayhew

Alan Mayhew and Ed Attenborough

The interview with Alan Mayhew and Ed Attenborough was carried out on 20th June 2011. The interviewer and Ed Attenborough were at the BDA Headquarters while Alan Mayhew was at home and contributed over the telephone.

Alan Mayhew trained with John McLean at the Dental School at Guy’s Hospital from 1942 – 1947 and later worked in hospital dentistry. Alan Mayhew established a maxillofacial unit by the Wessex Regional Hospital Board based in Southampton. Alan is also a past president of the BDA Hospitals Group, Chairman of the Postgraduate Medical and Dental Federation and Chairman of the BDA Wessex Branch.

Ed Attenborough is the Managing Director of Attenborough Dental and a past president of the BDTA. Ed’s father studied with Alan Mayhew and John McLean at Guy’s.

Topics discussed

  • Training and university
  • Pantograph
  • Introduction of acrylic resin
  • Second World War
  • Establishing a practice
  • Porcelin jacket crowns
  • Professional achievements
  • The growth of oral surgery
  • Registration of dental technicians.


Mayhew Attenborough summary.pdf

Attenborough and Mayhew interview extract.pdf



Alan Mayhew

Ed Attenborough

Stephen Simmons - Interviewer