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Changing roles of DCPs

​Changing roles of dental ca​​re profession​​als

​Witness seminar 3 - Changing roles of dental care professionals

The third witness seminar was held on 22nd March 2012 and examined the introduction and changing roles of dental care professionals. 

The seminar was chaired by Professor Nairn Wilson, facilitated by Professor Stanley Gelbier and attended by a number of leaders of the dental profession and dental trade.


The main topics discussed in depth were:

  • seminar3-pic2.jpgDental surgery assistants and nurses – handmaidens, qualifications, changes to titles – dental nurses, DSAs, nurses

  • Dental hygienists – beginnings in USA to aid prevention, influence of the wartime RAF, the early civilian training – Eastman Dental Hospital and subsequent courses, changes over the years

  • Dental auxiliaries – reasons for their introduction, the New Cross School for Dental Auxiliaries (later Therapists), the initial confinement to salaried services, the Nuffield Report and closure of New Cross, the London Hospital Scheme – joint hygienist/therapist courses, what was it like in training and practice

  • Dental technicians - initially attached to general practice (often single handed), larger groups and independent firms

  • Clinical dental technicians and orthodontic therapists - the fight for new clinical workers and their introduction

  • Recently established schools for the training of dental care professions.

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