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England Community Dental Service Committee

Working in the salaried service

SPDSC Meeting Dates 2018

27 February 2018

26 June 2018

18 September 2018

Scottish Public Dental Service Committee


Provide a channel of communication between community dental staff and those who negotiate their terms and conditions of service.

Advise health boards, primary care trusts and the Scottish Government on matters relating to the provision of efficient community dental services in Scotland.

Liaise with, and send representatives to, the Scottish Public Dental Services Committee and the Scottish Council of the British Dental Association.

The Committee Secretary for the 2015 - 2017 triennium is Elaine Bruce.


Committee Members 2018 - 2020:

Directors of Clinical Dental Services

Dawn Adams, OBE, Fife
Peter Ommer, Ayr

Salaried Dentists Representatives

Claire Livingstone, Borders,
Philip McCallum, Highland
Andrea Walker, Highland
Graham Douglas Smith, Isle of Skye (Chair)
Kate Wiseman, Glasgow (Vice-Chair)
Andrew Mulford, Edinburgh

Representative nominated by the Consultants in Dental Public Health/Chief Administrative Dental Officers in Scotland (Observer)

Albert Yeung, Bothwell

AR Representative (Observer)

Kath McKinnon, NHS Orkney

Scottish Division of the CDS Group (Observer)

1 representative: TBC

Principal Executive Committee Members

Mick Armstrong, Chair of the PEC
Eddie Crouch, Deputy-Chair of the PEC

Information on the England Community Dental Service Committee can by clicking on his link .