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SJNF Meeting Dates 2016

21 March 2016 at St Andrews House, Edinburgh

4 October 2016 at the BDA Offices, Stirling

Scottish Joint Negotiating Forum

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The Scottish Joint Negotiating Forum (SJNF) is a tri-partite group Chaired by the Chief Dental Officer and comprises representatives from the BDA and its Scottish Salaried Dentists Committee (SSDC), the Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates and NHS Employers.

The Chair, Vice-Chair and one of two Clinical Directors nominated by the the Directors of Clinical Dental Services represent SSDC on the forum along with the BDA Scotland National Director, BDA Scotland Policy Adviser and the BDA Scotland Employment Relations Officer.

The Forum usually meets three times a year and its purpose is to discuss, consult and negotiate on all matters affecting primary care salaried dental services in Scotland.  This includes terms and conditions, remuneration and other aspects of the delivery of salaried dental services.