BDA Wales Office and Committees

The BDA Wales Office provides a first local point of contact for BDA members living and working in Wales, as well as providing strategic support and advice to BDA committees in Wales. 

Working on your behalf

BDA Wales and its elected committee members seek to improve conditions for the delivery of dental services across the country, negotiating directly with the Welsh Assembly Government.

Dentists working in Wales are represented through the Welsh Council, the Wales General Dental Practice Committee and the Wales Committee for Community De​ntistry.

BDA Wales also seeks to influence other key-decision makers, including educational institutions, political parties and statutory, and non-statutory, organisations.

The BDA represents dentists working throughout Wales through its office based in Cardiff Bay. Welsh dentists are represented through the BDA's craft committees and its Welsh Council. 

The British Dental Association's committees meet regularly to consider the issues affecting the dental profession and patient care. BDA representatives take these issues forward into discussion and negotiation with the Welsh Assembly Government and the range of bodies responsible for delivery of health and social care.​