​​​​​Welsh General Dental Practice Committee (WGDPC) Constitution


This is a Standing Committee of the Principle Executive Committee (PEC). Subject to the authority of the PEC, it to represent the interests and act on behalf of dentists working in general dental practice in Wales.

Voting Members

The Chairs of the;

  • General Dental Practice Committee.
  • Welsh Council
  • Wales Committee for Community Dentistry

provided that they are not already appointed or elected or ex officio members of the Committee.

Six members elected by general dental practitioners in Wales in accordance with a procedure prescribed by the Principal Executive Committee.

Member practising in Wales who is a member of the Agenda Committee of the Annual Conference of Local Dental Committees

One general dental practitioner in Wales who has been dentally qualified for less than twelve years to be nominated by the Young Dentists Committee

provided that no such dentist has otherwise been elected or nominated to the Committee.

Non-voting Members

The Chair and Deputy Chair of the Principal Executive Committee;

Any member practising in Wales who is a member of the General Dental Practice Committee appointed by the Principal Executive Committee;

One representative appointed by the Wales General Practice Committee of the British Medical Association. 

A consultant member of Public Health Wales may be invited to attend meetings in an advisory and non-voting capacity.

Quorum: 6 voting members