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​​Here for you: Impact Report 2016-2017

'Here for you: Impact Report 2016-17' reflects on our vision and values. It includes case study examples of how we have supported members, alongside featuring ways we have represented dentistry from October 2016-September 2017.




​​Proud to be making a difference


Mick Armstrong, BDA
Modern life is hectic. There’s always so much that needs doing. Taking time to take stock and reflect is hard, but it’s importa​nt that we do so.

This report does just that. Looking back at our 2016-2017 year, it sets out the many ways in which we have helped our members.​​

​Impressive as the numbers are, it is the individual stories, your stories, that truly illustrate what that help means.

Reading it has filled me with enormous pride in the work of the BDA and the very real difference we make to so many dentists’ lives.​

Mick Armstrong 
Chair, British Dental Association​​​​​



​​​​Supporting you throughout your career

​​How we can support you​


​​​​​​ ​​Trade union representation​ ​Advice publications (100+)​ Associate contract checking​​ ​​ Advisory services on employment law, health and safety, the NHS, business support and regulatory inspections
​​ BDJ, BDJ in Practice, BDJ Open, BDJ Team, Evidence-Based Dentistry​​​
​​​ ​Employment tribunal representation​​​Career talks​​​​ ​​​Professional development – through our conferences and events 
CPD Hub to earn and record your CPD ​​ Education for the dental team ​​ ​Library - postal loans and research bundles ​​ Expert Solutions - our complete practice management toolkit​ ​​Financial services - through our partner Lloyd & Whyte
​​ ​Free iLearn webcasts NEW ​​BDJ Jobs - find or advertise dental jobs on the UK's leading dental recruitment website​​
​​ Into Practice app​ ​​ ​​​​Mediation services NEW


​Bringing dentists together


​Representing dentists 

Five key moments

1. Access to NHS dentistry: standing up for NHS dentists and their patients
2. Red tape and over-regulation
3. Fighting for fair funding
4. Underinvestment: dentistry, the ‘Cinderella service’
5. Leading the way on public health.



​​What next?

Peter Ward, Chief Exec, BDA
Next year we will continue to support you in your career, bring dentists together and represent and fight for dentistry in the UK.


But we won’t rest on our laurels. 


Our member survey showed us clearly what you want from us and what our priorities should be over the coming years.​


One of the things you told us was that you wanted more help with the fiendishly complex world of pensions…


Peter Ward

Chief Executive, British Dental Associat​​ion