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Board elections: Greater London seat vacancy

There is currently a vacancy on the Principal Executive Committee for the Greater London seat.

To be eligible candidates must have been a BDA member from at least 28 February 2019, must have their candidacy supported by three other BDA members and must live within the boundaries of the Greater London constituency. This position will run until 31 December 2022.

You can self-nominate online and nominations close at 5pm on Friday 27 March.

Your application must be supported by three BDA members.


More information

For more information about the the BDA's board or role of being a board member, or any questions about the elections process please contact the PEC Secretary Stephen Skelton.


Board elections: Frequently asked questions

What is the board?

The board, officially known as the Principal Executive Committee (PEC), has overall control and direction of the policy and affairs of the BDA. It is the Association’s board of directors, and as such it holds all requisite statutory, commercial and common law duties and responsibilities. It is also the body responsible for the lawful conduct of the Association as a recognised trade union.


The board seeks to balance the competing interests of what is right for the Association with what is right for individual members, and what is right for the profession.

The board comprises of 15 elected seats, nine for England, one each for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and three UK-wide seats.


What sort of issues does the board work on?

The board’s role is to guide the direction and strategy of the BDA in terms of governance. Although you will be elected to the board you will also be a director of the Association and hence required to adhere to the seven principles for directors established in the Companies Act. More details on the formal role of the board and the duties and responsibilities of members.


How long are seats elected for?

Board members are elected by their constituents on a three-year basis.


At the first meeting following each election, the members elect a chair and vice-chair to serve for the three-year term.


Five of the 15 seats are up for election each year on a rolling basis, to enable new people to stand.

More information

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