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​Honorary Membership

Honorary membership is considered to be one of the Association’s highest honours; one which is rarely awarded.

The list below details those who have been recognised with this honour.

Name                             Year

​Stephen Hancocks OBE​2016
​Mahesh Verma​2016
Kevin Lewis​2011
Sir James Beethoven​ Carlisle​2008
John Hunt​2004
P A Zillen​2002
John Zapp​2000
Norman Whitehouse​1998
H Pohl​1996
Sir David​ Mason​1993
Norman T Davies JP, OBE​1990
Runo Cronstrom​1989
R Gonzalez-Giralda​1989
RB Allen​1984
J E Ahlberg​1980
G D Gibb​1980
F E Lawton​1980
J L Trainer​1980
D Hindley-Smith​1975
Sir Rodney Swiss​1975
Lionel E Balding​1974
Rolf Braun​1974
Hans Freihofer​1974
J Ferris Fuller1974
WA Grainger1974
J Jardine1974
GH Leatherman1974
WE McIntosh1974
Arje Scheinin​1974
C Gordon Watson​1974
JN Peacock​1972
WR Tattersall​1972
Robert Bradlaw​1966
Humphrey F Humphreys​1960
Paul H Jeserich​1959
Lon W Morrey​1959
Percy T Phillips​1959
Lilian Lindsay​1957
Duke of Edinburgh KG KT​1956
ALJC Van Hasselt​1954
Bryan J Wood​1954
Arthur Amies​1954
Russell W Bunting​1952
Paul Fontanel​1952
MH Garvin​1952
Walter Hess​1952
William N Hodgkin​1952
AF Jackson​1952
KO Mehlsen​1952
Oren A Oliver​1952
Imm Ottesen​1952
JC Middleton Shaw​1952
MF Watry​1952
Gosta Westin​1952
Wilfred Fish​1951
Hugh Linstead​1950
Cecil Wakeley​1950
Don W Gullett​1949
Harold Hillenbrand​1949
Adam Cubie​1947
Marie LV Gaylor​1947
AB Austin​1947
GA Ballantyne​1946
JC Brash​1946
EE Fletcher​1946
William Kelsey Fry1946
HA Mahony1946
Margaret M Murray1946
DL Rogers1946
EL Sheridan1946
The Directors of the Dental Branches of the Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, South African and United States armed forces​1946
Alfred Webb-Johnson​1946
CF Cale-Matthews​1945
W Malcolm Knott​1939
CFL Nord​1939
J Sim Wallace​1937
AJ Arnott​1936
W Balendra1936
RV Bird1936
GL Cameron1936
F Hunte​1936
KE O'Duffy1936
JN Rishworth1936
JN Sandblom1936
George G Campion​1935
P Sidney Spokes​1935
FJ Thorman​1935
Frank Colyer​1932
Harry Baldwin​1930
Gerard Black​1930
W Dieck​1930
WH Dolamore​1930
JS Durward​1930
Thomas Dykes​1930
B Gottlieb​1930
Thomas A Hunter​1930
GJ Lucas​1930
Axel F Lundstrom1930
May Mellanby1930
WR Parker1930
F Newland Pedley1930
WA Vice1930
George Villain1930
AE Webster​1930
Graham W White​1930
JJH Sanders​1925
WB Bacon​1923
JC Foran​1923
Isaac Renshaw​1923
John Wood​1923
GW Watson​1922
Charles Tomes​1921
WH Woodruff​1921
JW Dent​1920
JA Biggs​1917
George Cunningham​1917
WM Fisher1917
WF Forsyth1917
E Fothergill1917
Thomas Gaddes1917
J Warwick Hele1917
William Alfred Hunt​1917
J C Oliver​1917
DEN Caush​1916
Florestan Aguilar​1914
MH Cryer1914
E Forberg1914
V Guerini1914
Maurice Roy1914
F Schaeffer-Stuckert1914
R Weiser1914
ET White​1914
JB Wilmott​1914
Walter Campbell​1912
John Dennant​1911
Ernst Jessen​1911
EC Kirk1911
Otto Walkhoff1911
W Herbert Williamson1911
Joseph Walker1907
Charles Edouard Godon1906
JE Grevers1906
SA Kirby​1906
Willoughby Dayton Miller​1906
Richard Rogers​1906
James Stocken​1906
R Theodore Stack​1900