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​John Tomes Medal

The John Tomes medal honours members of the dental profession and of scientific eminence, or persons distinguished in medical or allied services, for their outstanding service to the dental profession or the Association.

The list below details those who have been awarded this medal.

Name                            Year

Jimmy Steele CBE​2016
Damien Walmsley​2016
Derrick Willmot ​2011
Nairn Wilson​2011
John McCabe​2010
David Wray​2010
Geoffrey Craig​2009
Richard Van Noort​2009
Jim McDonald​2007
Elizabeth Treasure​2006
John Lowry​2004
Michael Martin​2004
Newell Johnson​2003
Henry Noble​2003
Stanley Gelbier​2002
Robin Basker​2000
Roger J Anderson​1999
Andrew Rugg-Gunn​1999
John Llewellyn Williams​1998
Bill Allen​1997
D C Smith​1997
G B Winter​1995
J J Murray​1994
HW Haase​1992
Gordon L Fordyce OBE​1990
Gordon R Seward​1990
Burton C Borgelt​1989
​Alan Wilson​1988
M N Naylor​1987
R A Followell​1986
N Rowe CBE​1985
R A Cawson​1984
E Cohen CBE​1984
H M Pickard​1982
R Whitlock OBE​1982
G Neil Jenkins​1981
J J Osborne​1981
D L Albert​1980
R A Cohen1980
R L Hartles1980
R S Johnson-Gilbert OBE1980
R T Proudler1980
H Thornton1980
L J Wallace MBE​1980