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Most representatives work in the NHS, and members also represent the Armed Forces and colleagues that work in a university setting. Each sector has its own pension scheme, and the committee works collectively to discuss, decide, and recommend solutions to matters of concern across those schemes. Members can also comment on and contribute to the BDA’s response to any changes made by government to pension regulations.

Our priorities

  • To ensure any proposed changes to pension legislation is discussed and responded to fairly
  • To ensure pension changes are in the best interest of members
  • To ensure that areas of concern are discussed objectively.

Our team


Paul Blaylock

Paul Blaylock is the Chair of the Students Committee and a member of the BDA’s board. He is a GDP in the North East of England, and has been involved in undergraduate and postgraduate education.
Paul Blaylock

Get involved and get in touch

Members of the Pension Committee are recruited from the main BDA committees usually on a voluntary basis. If you want to get involved talk to your committee secretary.

The committee is supported by Phil McEvoy, Head of Pensions for the BDA and Jo Mckeown who provides secretarial support: [email protected].