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To support its work, the ECDSC has an Executive Sub-Committee consisting of the Chair, Vice Chair, and four members elected from and by the ECDSC.

Our priorities 

  • Fighting for better pay and terms and conditions for CDS dentists to improve the recruitment and retention of the workforce
  • Defining the CDS workforce as distinct from the General Dental Services (GDS) and a valuable primary care service with vital, specialised skills necessary for treating some of the most vulnerable members of society
  • Representing the interests of CDS dentists throughout the GDS dental system reform process
  • Raising awareness of post-pandemic General Anaesthetic waiting lists for dental treatment and working with stakeholders to find solutions
  • Promoting a career in the CDS as valuable and rewarding.

Our team


Giten Dabhi

Pan-England Clinician Giten was elected as the Chair of ECDSC in October 2022. He has been on the committee for over a decade. He is also Chair of the London and South BDA Accredited Representatives. He graduated in 1998 at Guys Dental Hospital. He gained a wide range of experience working in dental hospitals, district general hospitals, general practice and community services. Giten has spent more than two decades working as a full-time CDS clinician in London. He is also the regional trainer for the national epidemiology programme.
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Get involved and get in touch

The ECDSC is supported by Stuart Abrahams, Senior Policy Adviser for Employed Dentists who can be contacted via email: [email protected] and Eleanor Day, Committee Secretary, who can be contacted via email: [email protected]

Developing your skills

Have a look at our range of advice videos, including experiences from different careers and fields of dentistry, and tips for furthering your career.