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Updates from week commencing 24 October 2022

Read all the updates that took place throughout this week.

Friday 28 October 2022


Webinar: Practice value in tough times

In the current economic environment practices are facing high interest rates, high inflation, and a volatile pound. Our maintaining and building practice value in tough times webinar, presented, and sponsored by Dental Elite, explores how this will affect dental practices in the future.


The webinar will give an overview of the business and personal taxes involved in dental practice transactions, considerations with continuing NHS treatment and how rising interest rates may impact you.


You can register online for the webinar which will take place on Thursday 3 November 19.30 to 20.30. We would encourage as many of your team to join us as possible as it is complimentary to the whole dental team.




Northern Ireland: Receiving your practice allowance payment

The Department has confirmed that practice allowance payments for 2022/2023 will be calculated based on item of service claims as well as support payments.

Practices must notify the Business Services Organisation (BSO) of the name of the dentist who should receive the allowance. 

The allowance will be paid automatically in November 2022, without claim, to the designated dentist on behalf of all the dentists at the practice.


Northern Ireland: Rebuilding Support Scheme (RSS) applications open

The Business Services Organisation (BSO) are now accepting applications for the November 2022 RSS payment. Information must be submitted electronically, or it will not be accepted.

You must apply for the November 2022 payment by 17:00 on Monday 7 November, the BSO will not be accepting or processing any applications after the deadline and payments will not be made.

You do not need a Cryptocard or access to the BSO secure portal to complete your application and it can be done securely via desktop or mobile devices. You can access more information and support on the BSO website.

Thursday 27 October 2022


Tell us what you think about BDJ Jobs

We would like to learn more about your experiences of job searching in 2022 to help us better understand how to support you with your career and recruitment needs.

The BDJ Jobs survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and is open until the end of November. Please share the link with any colleagues who can also provide feedback.

Your responses will directly help BDJ Jobs update and improve the services that are provided to you.


Situational Judgement Test mock exam

To support you with the upcoming Situational Judgement Tests we have prepared a mock exam course, available to final year dental student members.

Our SJT mock exam consists of 50 cases following the COPDEND format, all scenarios and options having been reviewed and examined by young professionals and experienced dentists.

The course is hosted on our CPD hub and can be taken as many times as you wish. The login is the same as your BDA student member login.

Wednesday 26 October 2022


England: Local NHS schemes require written contract

Several NHS England regions are offering contractors opportunities to participate in local schemes which aim to address areas of local concern such as access and recruitment.


The schemes and communication of them vary depending on the local area team. You may receive an email or in some cases you may need to contact your Local Dental Committee or commissioners for more information.


Variations to the General Dental Service contract will not have any effect unless in writing and signed by or on behalf of the local commissioner and the contractor. We advise contractors to ensure there is a clear amendment signed by the parties setting out the additional services that are to be provided.




Survey: Evidence-based dentistry

If there were one specific clinical question that you would like to have an answer to, what would it be?

Prof Liz Kay, editor of Evidence-based dentistry, would love to hear from you. Please take a moment to answer this one-question survey.


Northern Ireland: 25% uplift in fee for denture provision

The Department of Health (DoH) has issued a press release and informed us that from Q4, Statement of Dental Remuneration fees for dentures will increase by 25%. This is recurrent funding, which is welcome news, however the evidence on expenses we submitted to DoH illustrates that issues with fees go well beyond dentures only.

We have lobbied long and hard this year on the impact of rising expenses, inflation and dentists providing treatments at a loss. This includes clear, demonstrable evidence that lab fees have increased to the extent that costs are not being covered. Many labs have ceased doing most or any health service work. The time incurred by practices in providing and fitting dentures was not being fully recognised.

In his final days in the position, Health Minister Robin Swann announced the 25% enhancement for dentures. The increase is a recurring investment of £1.2m per annum in general dental services (GDS). In a climate where no news is good news, it's encouraging that one aspect of our persistence has paid off to some extent. We will continue to tackle the impact of inflation and rising expenses on GDS.


England: NHS contractual changes FAQs – on-demand webinar available

Our on-demand question and answer session provides further clarity on the recent short-term, marginal NHS contractual changes and the impact for you and your practice.

  • Understand what the marginal changes mean for you in real life clinical situations
  • Better understand direct access and how to improve outcomes for staffing and resource challenges
  • Find out more on plans for working toward further contract reform.         

Log in and watch: Webinars NHS contract FAQs Oct 2022

Tuesday 25 October 2022


Stoptober 2022: Supporting your patients

Dentists and their teams play a vital role in ensuring oral cancers are detected early and can help to save people's lives and yet, oral cancers continue to rise across the four UK countries.

You can take part in Public Health England's Stoptober campaign by supporting your patients to quit smoking.

Oral (oral cavity and oropharyngeal) cancers are some of the most preventable types of cancer. Smoking is one of the lead drivers for oral cancers, which claim more lives each year than car accidents.


Northern Ireland: Making a case for meaningful reform

The past two-and-a-half years have brought a focus on the massive issues facing dentistry across the UK and there is a clear sense of the manifestation of the 'looming crisis' we have been warning about, coming to pass.

In his latest blog, Tristen Kelso, BDA Northern Ireland Director, highlights the issues: "If NHS dentistry is to survive, governments must find a way to make substantive reforms that rebuild confidence among the profession."

We are supporting dentists to make decisions by equipping the profession with all the information and expertise we can offer. Our recently updated Private practice advice is one of many resources which are available online to members.


Northern Ireland: Research Fellow opportunity 

Professor Gerry McKenna, a specialist in Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics and part of our Health and Science team is currently looking for a Research Fellow to join his team at Queen's University Belfast.

The role will include the opportunity to work on studies and initiatives with a special focus on improving oral health for older adults.

Monday 24 October 2022


Rt Hon Rishi Sunak leads Government but will he keep promises made?


It's been a tumultuous time in British politics. But out of sight and out of mind these big changes will have knock on effects for members on the frontline, and the patients they treat.


With the economy in dire straits, and as Rishi Sunak is elected leader of the Conservative Party, Shawn Charlwood considers the choices ahead of Government.