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Updates from week commencing 3 April 2023

Read all the updates that took place throughout this week.

Thursday 6 April 2023


Opening hours during Easter

Our offices are now closed until 08:30 on Tuesday 11 April 2023. If you need to contact us during the holidays for:


Indemnity support

Policyholders should email In the case of an emergency during the bank holiday period, please call 020 7535 5870 and leave a message.


If you would like to switch to BDA Indemnity, please get a quote. If you are applying to formally switch over the Easter period, please continue and we will be in touch to process your application once the office re-opens on Tuesday 11 April 2023.


If you require advice, please email, an advisor will get back to you when the office reopens on Tuesday 11 April.


Contract review services will resume on Tuesday 11 April and our review turn-around time is 10 working days (Monday to Friday - excluding bank holidays).


In the case of an emergency during the bank holiday period, please call 020 7535 5870.


We'd like to wish everyone a happy Easter weekend.




Assisting you through NHS clawback management

Many members are facing significant clawback across England and Wales, as practices continue to struggle to meet contractual UDAs, which are set to reach record highs this year.

Our new video explains how to manage the clawback process from 31 March onwards. For some contractors this might be inevitable.

Our advice team is here to support you, offering Extra and Expert members one-to-one support based on individual circumstances. You can call 020 7935 0875 or email the team at for support.




Northern Ireland: Calling all hospital members

We are appealing to our members who work in a hospital setting in Northern Ireland to ensure the employment details we hold for you are fully accurate, and up to date.


While we cannot predetermine how committees may or not proceed in relation to industrial action, having up-to-date records is essential should the need arise to issue ballots to hospital members.


Please complete our brief data cleansing survey by 24 April.




Wales: New GDS data capture systems

Two new systems aimed at improving workforce data capture and tracking patient movements have been introduced to General Dental Services (GDS). Although we welcome the benefits of the systems, we have some concerns.


Both systems have been poorly planned within workflows and do not account for an increase in administrative burdens on an already stretched service. It is disappointing that we were not consulted to offer advice and support much earlier.


If you need support with your business, our expert advisors provide Extra and Expert members throughout the UK with unlimited one-to-one advice. Call 020 7935 0875 or email the team at to get in touch.




England: CQC dementia mythbuster

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has published a mythbuster on dementia. It is thought that there are currently 900,000 people in the UK with the condition, so most practices, statistically speaking, will have patients affected by it. Patients with dementia have a physical brain disorder, with symptoms such as memory impairment which may cause forgotten appointments or medication.


People with dementia are more likely to suffer from dental disease for a variety of reasons. The CQC expects practices 'to consider people with dementia and take reasonable steps to help them receive dental treatment in a kind and compassionate way.' So, it is essential that there is training to heighten awareness and to make visits as smooth as possible.


Dementia is covered by the overarching requirements of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, which state that practices must assume individuals have the capacity to decide on treatments for themselves, unless proven otherwise. The mythbuster has many other pointers on how practices can meet the CQC's expectations. There is also formal dementia training available which meets the Dementia Training Standards Framework.



Wednesday 5 April 2023


Getting involved in the BDSA

During the latest BDSA conference held in Plymouth at the beginning of March, dental students shared a desire to become more involved with the BDA and everything it has to offer.

While the BDSA and the BDA are two different organisations, we work closely together. The BDSA is run by an annually elected Executive Committee and the student representatives from each UK dental school, also known as BDSA Council, which then forms the BDA Students Committee.

Working as a representative is not the only way students can get involved, there are several committees, roles and programmes available. If you are interested in becoming a member, find out more on the BDA website. If you have further questions, either speak to your school BDA Representative or email




England: Updated guidance for managing staff with respiratory infections or COVID-19


The guidance on `Managing healthcare staff with symptoms of a respiratory infection or a positive COVID-19 test result` for practices in England changed on 31 March 2023.


The main changes are:


  • Most healthcare staff who have symptoms of a respiratory infection are no longer asked to test for COVID-19. They should stay at home until they no longer have a high temperature (if they had one) or until they no longer feel unwell

  • If for whatever reason a healthcare worker does test for COVID-19 and it is positive then they are no longer required to have 2 negative lateral flow device (LFD) tests for COVID-19 before they return to work. They should follow the guidance for the general public who have a positive test result. Line managers should undertake a risk assessment before patient-facing healthcare staff return to work in line with normal return to work processes.



Tuesday 4 April 2023


Wales: Caution needed with contract variation wording

Welsh Government have issued the formal 23-24 variation to the General Dental Services contract to Local Health Boards (LHBs). LHBs are expected to notify any practices choosing to remain in contract reform.

The lack of notice has prevented us from discussing the various issues with the wording, but we sent the Welsh Government a list of our concerns. It's disappointing to see clauses we successfully pushed back on last year, reinstated for this year's variation. This is a regressive move, and we can't support the contract.

For support with your business or contract, our expert advisors provide Extra and Expert members unlimited one-to-one advice. Call 020 7935 0875 or email the team at to get in touch.



Monday 3 April 2023


British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2023


The British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show (BDCDS) is returning on 12 – 13 May 2023 at NEC, Birmingham.


The UK's largest dental show will host 200+ world-class speakers, 400+ leading exhibitions and 150+ hours of enhanced CPD, ensuring material for everyone on your dental team.


Register now to get you and your team a free pass and gain access to one of the biggest events in dentistry.



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