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Expert templates, checklists and audits

This section is available to Expert members. Expert members also have access to unlimited one-to-one advice via phone or email from our experienced advisors. Contact the BDA Practice support team on 020 7563 4574 or email: advice.enquiries@bda.org.

We provide the templates you need to comply with national standards - and not the ones you don't.


Our checklists and audits allow you to safeguard against overlooking any important steps while managing a busy dental practice.


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If you have questions about COVID-19, we answer your frequently asked questions on how to manage your dental team including risk assessment, practice management and changes in employment contracts.


Using the Expert template policies


Open the template and save it in a folder on your PC. If you're using Edge, you'll need to right click and save the link in order to download any of the documents. The way you organise them will be unique to you, which is why we’ve listed ours in alphabetical order.


Read it from start to finish to see if there are amendments you want to make specific to your practice. The customisable fields are shown in red italics. Call our advisers to discuss your situation and we’ll help you develop the policy to safeguard your business.  


Add in your practice’s information, and the details of staff responsible. Add the date to the document.


Let your colleagues see it and discuss it at a team meeting. Talking about changes needed to implement the policy, or responsibilities team members have within it is the best way to get it adopted.


This isn’t just filing the policy as a reference document for a national standards inspection, it’s ensuring everyone knows the processes involved, the actions to be taken and when it needs reviewing.


Make a date to review the policy to ensure it is still fit-for-purpose.


Checklists and audits


COSHH controls
DSE risk assessment
Health and safety
Radiation protection
Recruiting and employing staff
Risk assessment


Antibiotic prescribing tool

Disability access audit
GDPR access to information
GDPR information
Healthcare waste audit(pre-acceptance)
Infection control audit
Oral cancer risk factor
Patient waiting times
Radiograph quality audit
Radiograph quality audit FAQs  
Record keeping
Respiratory protective equipment - monthly maintenance checks

Risk assessment – Legionella

Supplier contracts

Expert templates


Access to information held by the practice

Accessible information policy

Adoption leave and pay policy

Amalgam use and disposal protocol

Annual leave policy and form

Associate-performer information

Associate-performer reference request


Side agreement contract for Associates

2022-23 NHS contract year (England)


England – Side agreement for associates April – June 2022

2022-23 NHS contract year (Wales)

Associate contract - UDA only - Wales

2021-2022 NHS contract year


Advice - NHS England targets January - March 2022

England - Side agreement for associates January - March 2022

England - Side agreement for associates (orthodontics) January to March 2022

Spreadsheet to help you work out NHS income from UDAs with various thresholds, clawbacks, abatements and offsetting


Advice - NHS England targets October - December 2021

England - Side agreement for associates October - December 2021

England - side agreement for associates (orthodontics) October to December 2021

Q1 and Q2:

Advice - NHS England targets April to September 2021

England - Examples of pay calculations for BDA side agreements

England - Side agreement for associates April to September 2021

England - Side agreement for associates (orthodontics) April to September 2021

Wales - Side agreement for associates April to September 2021

This video further explains the UDA targets and side agreements for 2021.

Associate contract - NHS and mixed - England (Traditional)   

Associate contract - NHS and mixed - England (Worker)   

Associate ortho contract - England

Associate contract - Northern Ireland
Associate contract - Scotland
Associate contract - Private only within a mixed practice - Scotland
Associate contract - Private practice



Bullying and harassment policy
Business continuity and disaster recovery policy


Cashflow forecast template

CCTV use

Chairside hours calculation
Chairside hours worksheet
Chaperone policy
Commitment to patients and appointments policy
Commitment to staff policy
Complaint letter - faulty equipment
Complaints - code of practice for patients
Complaints handling policy - comments on Scotland template
Complaints handling policy (E-W-NI)
Complaints letters - NHS (E-W-NI)
Complaints letters - NHS Scotland
Complaints letters - private
Complaints record
Complaints report (E-W)
Confidentiality policy
Consent form - photographs
Consent form - sedation
Consent form - treatment
Consent policy

The National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness 2021 requires healthcare premises to carry out cleaning tasks and a wide number of other issues; however, the Chief Dental Officer has confirmed that many of the points set out in the document are not required to be undertaken in general practice. In addition, the CQC has confirmed that it WILL NOT expect practices "to display star ratings or logos in dental practices" and has updated its Dental Mythbuster 38: Infection prevention and control that details what it will inspect on.


To meet these requirements (and those of the National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness which are applicable to high-street dentistry), we have produced cleaning schedules, including separate documents for each procedure that must be carried out at different times. These can be modified to suit what happens in individual members' practices and please note that the first three are purely reminders for the responsible person and are not required to be completed.

Cleaning schedule - frequency AM after touch

Cleaning schedule - frequency AM after clinical procedure

Cleaning schedule - frequency AM session

Cleaning schedule - frequency daily

Cleaning schedule - frequency weekly

Cleaning schedule - frequency fortnightly

Cleaning schedule - frequency monthly

Cleaning schedule - frequency bi-monthly

Cleaning schedule - frequency annual

Cleaning schedule - frequency every two years

Cleaning schedule - frequency every three years


Data protection processor agreement

Data protection processor agreement - associates

Data protection processor agreement - notes for use

Data protection privacy notice - associates
Data protection privacy notice - employees
Data protection privacy notice - patients

Data security policy - practice

Debt recovery letters

Decontaminating laboratory items

Direct access - patient leaflet

Direct access policy

Disciplinary procedure

Disciplinary procedure letters

Disciplinary record

Duty of Candour/Adverse incidents protocol

Duty of Candour - annual report (Scotland)


Electronic communications - patient notice and consent
Email and internet use policy

Emergency leave policy

Employed dentists - code of practice
Employee maternity leave plan
Employment contract
Employment contract variation - letters
Environmental policy statement

Equal opportunities policy for staff
Equality and diversity policy for patients

Exit interview questions


Fees and payments policy

Fire action notice

Flexible working policy

FOIA - guide to information

FOISA - guide to information (Scotland)
Furloughed workers - template letter to employees


GDC standards - patient leaflet
Grievance procedure
Grievance procedure letters


Hand hygiene protocol
Harassment by patients - policy statement
Health and safety policy
Healthcare waste audit
Healthcare waste disposal policy
Hepatitis B - vaccine response letter
Hourly rate calculation
Hourly rate worksheet


Induction programme

Infection control annual statement - England

Infection control policy

Information asset register

Inoculation injuries policy

In-practice capitation scheme agreement

In-practice capitation scheme application form

In-practice capitation scheme direct debit mandate

In-practice capitation scheme leaflet


Job application form

Job descriptions

Job interview assessment form

Job interview letter

Job interview questions

Job offer letter

Job rejection letter


Latex policy

Locum-Associate contract - HSCNI and mixed - NI
Locum-Associate contract - NHS and mixed - England and Wales
Locum-Associate contract - NHS and mixed - Scotland

Locum-Associate contract - ortho - England and Wales
Locum-Associate contract - private practice
Lone worker policy


Manual cleaning protocol
Manual handling assessment
Manual handling techniques
Maternity and parental leave and pay policy
Mobile phone policy
Moving instruments to and from an LDU protocol


New equipment selection protocol

New patient - practice standards and questionnaire

New patient - welcome letter

New patient satisfaction questionnaire

NHS remedial and breach notice letters


Oral cancer - team roles and responsibilities


Partnership agreement
Patient appointments policy
Patient-facing communications
Patient-facing communications poster
Patient group direction
Patient letter - missed appointment
Patient questionnaire
Payment - bill and instalments
Personal development plan (PDP) example
Pension auto-enrolment - staff letter
People with significant control register
Performance appraisals
Practice closure - patient notification
Practice closure - safe storage and retrieval of records
Practice information leaflet
Practice meetings - agenda and notes
Practice newsletters
Practice sales and TUPE letters
Pre-employment checks
Prescribing and dispensing policy
Prescriptions for private patients


Quality assurance policy


Radiation - The Guidance Notes for Dental Practitioners on the Safe Use of X-ray Equipmentexternal-link.png (2nd Edition) contains all required example templates.

Record keeping audit

Record management and data quality policy

Recruitment monitoring form

Recruitment policy

Redundancy letters

Redundancy policy
Reference request

Referral letters

Referral protocol

Referral to hygienist

Risk assessment - dental practice

Risk assessment - Fully-vaccinated staff identified as in contact with a COVID-19 case

Risk assessment - hepatitis B non-responder

Risk assessment - pregnant and nursing mothers

Risk assessment - work experience student

Risk assessment for trainee nurse


Safeguarding policy - England

Safeguarding policy - Northern Ireland

Safeguarding policy - Scotland

Safeguarding policy - Wales

Safer sharps - protocol and risk assessment for non-use

Sedation - information for patients
Sedation - practice policy

Selecting new equipment protocol
Sickness absence (long term) letters
Sickness absence (short term) letters
Sickness and injury absence policy
Sickness self-certification form
Staff satisfaction surveys
Stress policy


Television use policy

Training policy

Training review record

Treatment plan and estimate


Vaccination requirements: Government compulsory vaccination requirement withdrawn / reversed

Violence and aggression policy

Violent incident report form and log


Whistleblowing and underperformance policy

Whistleblowing and underperformance policy (Scotland)

​Other resources

Financial Healthcheck - To help you, we’ve teamed up with our partner Lloyd & Whyte to put together a tool, asking you a series of questions to give you an advice based report.


We may record telephone conversations that are advisory in nature to offer you additional security, resolve complaints and improve our service standards. Conversations may also be monitored for staff training purposes. You will be alerted to this when you call.