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Over 1,000 practices across the UK are proudly advertising their commitment to working to the BDA Good Practice standard.

Good Practice members demonstrate a visible commitment to quality through good team working, efficient practice systems, and an improved patient experience.​​

Wherever you see the BDA Good Practice member logo, you can be confident the practice is:

  • Committed to delivering the best quality service for patient
  • Up-to-date with governance and legal requirements
  • Periodically assessed to ensure it is meeting the standards of BDA Good Practice​​. 
BDA Good Practice window sticker 2023

Find a member practice

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What guarantee does BDA Good Practice provide for patient treatment outcomes?

While BDA Good Practice and member practices can never guarantee satisfactory treatment outcomes or oral health gain, we can say that there is a greater likelihood of satisfactory treatment in a practice which observes the Scheme requirements. In the language of audit, if structures and processes are right then outcomes are more likely to be right too.


If you have any reason to believe a member practice is not doing what BDA Good Practice requires, please call 020 7563 4598 or email us at [email protected].​