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When things go wrong overview

Advice for employed dentists on indemnity, grievance procedures, whistleblowing and more.

Bullying and harassment at work

This advice sets out the options and support available if you are concerned about bullying / harassment at work. The support available from Employment Relations Officers (EROs) and Accredited Representatives (ARs) is also explained.

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Equality and diversity

This advice describes the legal protection in place in the UK and Northern Ireland against discrimination in employment to all workers (not just employees).

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Grievance procedures

This advice, which is relevant to all salaried members, provides general information about grievance procedures. Employers are obliged to have a grievance procedure in place and this must be made available in writing to employees.

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Raising concerns

This advice, which is relevant to all salaried members, concerns the protection afforded to ‘whistle-blowers’ under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998. The professional duty to raise concerns under the GDC Standards is also considered.

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