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Pensions overview

Advice and information about pension schemes. Unlike many other forms of savings, pension contributions attract tax relief.

GDS 2015 Scheme

Overview of the 2015 NHS pension scheme. which differs significantly from the 1995 and 2008 sections of the previous scheme.

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Lifetime allowance

Advice on lifetime allowance (LTA) in the dental practice, which limits the amount that you can save into registered pension schemes on a tax efficient basis.

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Understanding your pension options

Understand the options when saving for retirement, looking at the pros and cons of the 2015 NHS pension and personal pensions, how they differ and the benefits of both, along with the options whether you are working in NHS, mixed or private practice.
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Differences between personal pensions and the NHS pension

Phil McEvoy, Head of the BDA's Pensions Team, introduces the UK pensions system and look particularly at how the NHS pension scheme works for dentists. Recent changes to both the NHS pension scheme and retirement processes will outlined, along with the recent changes to the system by which pension savings are taxed.