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Our advice team

We are a team of experienced advisors, who can help save you time and money with personalised advice on the issues you face. 

Our advisors:

  • are your experts in the industry’s laws, contracts and regulations

  • help you save time and money with relevant and commercially sound advice

  • are your first port of call for professional solutions

We are available on the telephone to offer quick advice when you need it. When you have more complex matters we will pair you with an advisor who will handle your case on a one-to-one basis. Your dedicated advisor will set aside time to work through any documentation and will arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss the next steps.


The team provides expert advice in the following areas:


Associateships and employment law

We support members on a wide range of employment and associate issues such as contract checking, performance management and grievances/disciplinaries. Our advice team has more than 70 years’ combined experience of advising dentists on associate and contract matters. Our advisors review more than 700 associate contracts a year and use their combined knowledge and experience to provide members with a useful and practical insight into their associate agreements. We aim to resolve disputes in our members’ best interests and use a conciliatory approach to avoid litigation. We can negotiate for you and can offer a mediation service as an alternative way forward. We will support you from the moment you receive a claim all the way to representing you at a tribunal.   


The business of dentistry  

We provide advice on all matters relating to setting up and running a practice, whether it be NHS or private. This includes NHS contract terms and variations, financial clawback and breach/remedial notices. We are on hand to advise on the requirements of the Dentists Act and NHS Act, including restrictions on the performance of dentistry, the carrying on of the business of dentistry and eligibility for NHS contracts. 



We help members stay on top of changing regulations and ensure that their practice is safe and complies with national standards. Our comprehensive advice covers everything from preparing for inspections to infection control, conscious sedation to emergency drugs and equipment.    


Employment relations support for salaried dentists  

We support salaried members working in public health, the community, prisons, the armed forces and academia, providing you with one-to-one advice by phone or email on employment and workplace-related issues. We can also offer personal representation in matters of personal or contractual disputes with employers.  



We help members understand their pension schemes and options in order to achieve the best possible retirement savings. We also offer guidance on the process that practice owners must follow to comply with legislation on enrolling staff to a workplace pension.

One-to-one advice

Extra and Expert members have access to unlimited one-to-one advice via phone or email from our experienced advisors. To email our Practice support team:

​To help members at this time you can call us from 8.30 to 18:00.

Please note that we are working hard to keep all relevant information on our Coronavirus pages

For members with access to 1:1 advisory services, please call 020 7935 0875 between the hours of 9:00 and 17:00.

For advice between the hours of 8.30 and 9:00, and between 17:00 and 18:00 members may use the following numbers:

​NHS and Business advice
020 7535 5864
​Employment advice and advice on associates
020 7563 4574
​Advice on Compliance and CQC
020 7563 4572
​Advice for dentists employed in community dental services etc
Tel: 020 7563 4582

Our members working in hospitals should call the BMA for advice. The BDA and BMA have an arrangement for the BMA to provide advice to our members. Contact details for the BMA


We may record telephone conversations that are advisory in nature to offer you additional security, resolve complaints and improve our service standards. Conversations may also be monitored for staff training purposes. You will be alerted to this when you call.