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Postgraduate qualifications – MJDF/MFDS

From as early as your first-year post-qualification, you may consider further qualifications to progress your career. The MFDS (Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery) is a postgraduate diploma which is undertaken as a first step on the career pathway for dentists. Achieving this diploma shows that you have gained the standard and level of experience expected after two years of full-time work.

The syllabus for the exam is based on the Dental Foundation Training Curriculum, and a large part of the knowledge and experience necessary for the exam will therefore be acquired during vocational or dental foundation training.


For additional information on postgraduate development in dentistry, please visit the College of General Dentistry website.



On our podcast, Chairside: Conversations about careers in dentistry, Andrea Ogden chats with two specialty trainees and covers the questions that students and FDs so often ask, such as:


- When is the best time to do it?

- How difficult is it to apply?

- What other challenges can you take on at the same time?


They discuss academic research, starting a family and what you really need to know before taking the leap into specialty training.


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