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Dental public health

These are either dentists employed as consultants or employed having followed a training programme in dental public health.

They provide a specific service which includes:

  • The assessment of the oral health and dental needs of the population, including epidemiological surveys of specified age groups
  • Promoting oral health and preventive dental measures for the population
  • Developing and ensuring implementation of local oral health and oral health promotion strategies
  • Participation in the specification, negotiation and monitoring of service agreements for primary and secondary care dental services
  • The evaluation of dental services and service outcomes, including monitoring the level of access to dental care
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of clinical interventions in dentistry and ensuring value for money
  • Providing advice and information to the public and media on dental issues
  • Working collaboratively with key stakeholders in the NHS to influence health policy relating to dental health

Career pathway

Consultants and trainees in dental public health are employed by Public Health England and follow similar training pathways as secondary care specialties.


Dentists also have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and move into general public health.


Specialist training is available for dentists that want to move into this area.​