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Upload your CV and let recruiters find you easily

Getting the job

This page helps with the next step on your dental career path: securing your first job.

CV writing

Your curriculum vitae (CV) is your personal marketing tool, so presentation, readability and content are important. It should provide prospective trainers with sufficient information about you, your skills and abilities, so they are able to take a view on whether you are suitable for a position.


Sample CV


To help you write a winning CV, you can download BDA advice Preparing your CV and an example of a student CV. The format and structure of CVs vary from person to person, so you shouldn't simply make an identical copy. It is important to personalise your CV and make it your own.


Our Getting your first job guide contains further advice on writing your CV.



With BDJ Jobs you can search thousands of jobs for dentists and practice vacancies, set up personalised job alerts, upload your CV and read the latest career advice. Thousands of dental professionals look at our jobs site each month. Once you have an offer, use our UDA value checker to see if your offer is competitive for the area you want to work in.


Interview skills lecture

You can find out more about preparing for your interview in our Making the right impression interview skills lecture.


This tours all UK dental schools in the autumn term.


Interview skills workshop

To polish up your interview technique for the dental foundation training interviews, we run an interview skills workshop in London.


Our film 'interviewing for an associate job' includes some helpful, practical advice that can be applied to all job interviews.