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Use of social media

As a dental professional, you need to ensure you use social media appropriately and responsibly – whether you use it on behalf of the practice you work in or in a personal capacity.

​Social media can provide patients and the public with information about your practice. However, you should be aware of the potential risks:


  • Loss of personal privacy and breaches of confidentiality
  • Online behaviour that might be perceived as unprofessional, offensive or inappropriate by others
  • Messages or patient complaints damaging your professional or personal reputation.


When starting out in practice, you should strive to keep the following principles in mind:


  • Be mindful that every online platform is public
  • Be aware of the image you present online and manage this proactively
  • Recognise that the personal and professional can’t always be separated
  • Engage with the public, but avoid giving personal advice
  • Respect the privacy of all patients, especially the vulnerable
  • Show your human side, but maintain professional boundaries
  • Contribute your expertise, insights and experience
  • Treat others with consideration, politeness and respect
  • Support your colleagues and intervene if necessary.

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