​​​​​​Star speakers on stellar topics​

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Here is our comprehensive programme of sessions from 2017

140+ leading visionaries, thinkers and experts under one roof​ including:

  • ​Lars Rasmusson | Osteoporosis - treatment, side effects and dental-related complications
  • Claire Stevens | Paediatric dentistry for everyday practice
  • Philip Greene | Teeth or implants - what's the difference? How to stay out of court
  • Walter Dias | Mastering dental adhesives - staying out of trouble in adhesive dentistry
  • ​Sheena Kotecha | Orthodontics: it's a risky business
  • Trevor Burke | The not so nasty method of managing the deep carious lesion
  • Anthony Roberts | Perio: shaken, not stirred…? 
  • Julian Satterthwaite | Conservative techniques for toothwear patients
  • Matt Perkins | Fit and forget? Peri-implantitis and other implant complications
  • David McCaughey | The tooth, the whole tooth or nothing of the tooth? Toothwe​ar tales and practical treatments

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