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Services directory

Here you will find the services we provide.


Essential-icon.png      Essential members

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Advice publications     Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

We publish advice for members on various practice management topics, including associateships, partnerships, health and safety, NHS rules, compliance and employment law.

BDJ In Practice carries regular articles giving advice on all aspects of professional life, practice and management.

Bespoke one-to-one advice is available for Extra and Expert members (see below).


Advisory services     Extra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

Our Advisory Services Team offers advice on a huge range of issues, such as employment law, health and safety, the NHS, business support and regulatory inspections. We also provide employment representation, an associate contract checking service, mediation services, tribunal support and consultancy services.     Phone.png020 7935 0875


Associate contract checking     Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

Written agreements help to ensure both parties know their obligations and entitlements and help to ensure that there are no nasty surprises for either party.

Associates who are members and who are offered associateships can send their contract to us for review.


BDJ Books   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

BDJ Books offer trusted, expert advice across a huge range of clinical and non-clinical subjects, from statistics to surgery, offering support across all areas of dentistry and general practice.

The cornerstone of the range is the BDJ Clinical Guides series, which has a justified reputation as a trusted companion to clinicians at all stages of their careers.

Ideal for students new to the subjects, they also serve as a refresher for others and are valued as postgraduate texts too.


BDA members can save over 40% on the Clinical Guide range, with even bigger savings available for student members.

Expert members are entitled to a free Clinical Guide of their choice each membership year.     Phone.png020 7563 4555


BDJ publications    Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

British Dental Journal

The British Dental Journal (BDJ) is the official journal of the BDA and the number one dental journal in the UK. With 24 issues every year, it provides readers with expert coverage of ideas, opinions, developments and key issues in dentistry – clinical, practical and scientific.

The BDJ offers 48 hours of verifiable CPD per year.     Phone.png020 7843 3679


BDJ in Practice

Our monthly magazine aims to inform and educate readers on developments, trends and issues affecting dental practice in the UK.

BDJ In Practice offers 12 hours of verifiable CPD per year.      Phone.png020 7563 4580


BDJ Open

BDJ Open is our online open-access journal, publishing dental and oral health research from all disciplines.      Phone.png020 7843 3679


BDJ Student

BDJ Student is the BDA's official magazine for dental students in the UK. Its aim is to inform and educate dental students on developments, trends and issues affecting their journey to, through and post university.      Phone.png020 7563 4580


BDJ Team

This online magazine is dedicated to the whole dental team, with content for dental hygienists, dental therapists, dental nurses, dental technicians, orthodontic therapists and practice managers.

It features a broad spectrum of articles, and includes interviews, CPD topics, clinical research, advice, letters, news and information on dental products.

BDJ Team offers ten hours of verifiable CPD per year.     Phone.png020 7843 3680


Evidence-Based Dentistry

This quarterly publication aims to bridge the gap between research and practice, alerting clinicians to important advances in dental practice and its specialist areas. It presents and evaluates the best available evidence on the latest developments in oral health by condensing original papers and publications into accessible expert summaries.     Phone.png020 7014 4005



Child protection and adult safeguarding courses    Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

These online courses are delivered by the Child Protection Company and fulfil the safeguarding outcomes as specified by CQC.

Essential and Extra members receive a 10% discount on courses.
Expert members receive two free courses plus the 10% discount for further purchases.


Conferences    Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show

The new British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show is now the one date every dentist needs in their diary. We're opening the doors to the whole profession, to give everyone access to the latest innovation, education and quality CPD. So come and join over 10,000 other visitors at the undisputed leader in dental events at the NEC in Birmingham on 18-19 May 2018.


Scottish Dental Conference and Exhibition 2018

This well-regarded event in Glasgow takes place on Friday 7 September 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Glasgow and presents a varied programme with sessions for the whole dental team. Hear from a range of expert speakers and earn verifiable CPD, browse the exhibition and network with colleagues.      Phone.png020 7563 4590


CDS Group Annual Presidential and Scientific Meeting 2018

This popular annual event is taking place in Derry, Northern Ireland, on the 11-12 October 2018. This year's Conference will look at the complex issues found in the Community Dental Service workload.      Phone.png020 7563 4590


Consultancy services  Extra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

Additional paid-for consultancy services are available to Extra and Expert members, subject to terms and conditions.

This includes employment consultancy, such as on-site attendance by our practice management consultants at staff disciplinary and grievance hearings. Other bespoke consultancy services may also be available on request.      Phone.png020 7935 0875


CPD Hub   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

With our CPD Hub you can earn, record and manage your CPD through one convenient online service. It offers a wide variety of CPD opportunities, available to all UK-registered dental professionals, with exclusive features and courses for our members.

The CPD Hub is also open to DCPs – so far we have helped over 6,000 DCPs learn new skills.


eBooks   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

The Library offers a catalogue of over 350 eBooks, accessible via our website:

  • Keep your downloaded eBook for one week
  • Print up to one chapter of the book
  • Download the book again if you want to keep reading it
  • All eBooks can be downloaded to iPhone/iPad or tablet devices.      Phone.png020 7563 4545


Education advice   Extra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

Our Education Adviser provides advice and support to members on a wide range of educational and regulatory topics including:

  • Continuing professional development and future changes to requirements
  • Postgraduate education options
  • Working abroad
  • Dental foundation training.      Phone.png020 7563 4133 or 020 7563 4158


eJournals   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

The Library offers access to 13 different journals online via the website.

  • Read, download or print current articles
  • Access to articles back to at least 2011 for every title
  • Access to all pre-publication articles
  • Titles include JADA, Dental Clinics of North America and Journal of Endodontics.      Phone.png020 7563 4545


Employment tribunal representation   Expert-icon.png

Expert members are entitled to representation in employment tribunal claims brought by practice staff. We have a team of experienced employment advisers ready to help.

Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for further details.      Phone.png020 7935 0875


Expert services   Expert-icon.png

We have all the resources you need to manage a dental practice: advice and guidance, template policies and protocols, links to external information and relevant BDJ in Practice articles.

As new information is added or updated we will alert you of the changes.

Essential and Extra members who wish to access the template policies and protocols may upgrade their package to Expert membership at any time.      Phone.png020 7563 4550


Into Practice app   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

Written by our advisers, the app is full of advice designed to help newly-qualified dentists make a smooth and successful transition into practice.

Into Practice

It contains information about:

  • The UK dentistry job market 
  • Working with dental staff
  • CPD
  • Further study
  • Working abroad
  • Finance
  • Data protection.

The app is compatible with both iPad and Android tablet devices.

It's free for members. To download, simply visit Apple's App Store or Google Play and search for 'Into Practice'.


BDA Good Practice   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png       bda_goodpractice - full colour.jpg

BDA Good Practice is a framework for continuous improvement that helps you build seamless systems, develop a confident and professional dental team, and demonstrate your commitment to excellence to your patients.

Working through the BDA Good Practice self-assessment will help you ensure that you have robust policies and procedures in place and that you are able to provide a consistent quality of service for patients.

If membership is awarded, the practice can display the BDA Good Practice plaque and use the BDA Good Practice member logo on practice literature and stationery.      Phone.png020 7563 4598


Financial services   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png         

Lloyd & Whyte logo
Lloyd & Whyte have been our financial services and insurance partner for over 20 years. With an in-depth understanding of the dental community, they offer professional insurance and financial advice to support and protect what matters to you throughout every stage of your career, both at home and in practice.


Services include:

  • Practice insurance and other commercial insurances
  • Access to their exclusive Mobile Dental Clinic in an emergency
  • Independent financial advice
  • Patient payment plans
  • Pensions and investments advice
  • Income protection and life cover
  • High-quality home insurance
  • Fee-free mortgage advice with L&C mortgage broker
  • Workplace pension support
  • Graduate loans.      Phone.png​01823 250 700

Lloyd & Whyte Ltd and Lloyd & Whyte (Financial Services) Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (with the exception of Workplace pension). Lloyd & Whyte Ltd are registered in England No. 03686765. Lloyd & Whyte (Financial Services) Ltd are registered in England No. 02092560. Registered Office: Affinity House, Bindon Road, Taunton, Somerset, TA2 6AA. Calls may be recorded for use in training, quality management and customer support.


iLearn Webcasts   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

Some popular iLearn webcasts are now available for free to all members (worth £120).

Members can earn 6 hours of verifiable CPD for free by watching lectures from the British Dental Conference and Exhibition 2017. Choose from a selection of sessions and view them online at a time and place that suits you. Previous sessions from the British Dental Conference and Exhibition are also available to purchase.      Phone.png020 7563 4590


Jobs   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

You can find and advertise dental jobs on BDJ Jobs – the leading dental recruitment website in the UK.

Job hunters can receive daily job alerts, upload their CV, get career advice, and search for jobs by location, salary, hours, employer or practice type.

As members, you receive 15% off advertising online and can advertise dental nurse, practice manager, dental technician, orthodontic therapist and receptionist roles for free.      Phone.png020 7843 4729


Library   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

Our library is the most comprehensive dental library in Europe. We offer a range of services to members – access to both print and online resources including books, ebooks, journals, ejournals, literature searches, article packages, requested articles – all of which can be accessed either remotely, requested by phone/email, or by visiting the library at our offices in Central London.


Literature search service

Library staff can search Medline, Cochrane and various other online sources for you to find articles and/or details of guidelines/ policy documents. Results are emailed back within one working day.

You will get:

  • The search strategy used (to demonstrate how the search was carried out)
  • A list of article references along with abstracts
  • The availability of each journal in the library
  • Cochrane reviews plus electronic copies of guidelines/policy documents will be supplied where possible and references to them where not.

Articles themselves can be supplied by email or by post for a small fee (usually despatched within two working days).

Access to Ovid Medline is also provided for members to carry out their own searches.

Opening times 09:30-18:00

Monday to Friday​      Phone.png020 7563 4545


BDJ Marketplace   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

BDJ Marketplace offers everything you need to find and advertise dental products, properties and services, including education and training events for dentists, associates and DCPs. Browse hundreds of classified listings to improve your clinic or surgery. List your dental practice, equipment and products to reach thousands of professionals.


As members, you receive 15% off advertising online.      Phone.png020 7843 4729


Mediation services   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

Disputes can be very expensive if the parties resort to litigation.

Expert members can access our mediation services to help them resolve disputes in a fast, cost effective way.

All members can access mediation services in relation to associateship disputes between BDA members.

Terms and conditions apply – please contact us for further details.      Phone.png020 7935 0875




Membership services   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

The Membership Team is here to help you with all aspects of your membership. The team is available from 09:00-17:00, Monday to Friday, and can be reached on 020 7563 4550, or

For help on:

Changing your membership package: please call the Membership Team on 020 7563 4550

Forgotten website passwords, please visit:

Updating your personal information, website login and email preferences – please visit      Phone.png020 7563 4550


Museum   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

The British Dental Museum has approximately 25,000 items that reflect the development of the dental profession in the UK. Spanning the 17th century to the present day, the highlights of the collection include dental chairs, dentures, drills, oral hygiene products, and of course Waterloo teeth. Pop in and see the museum for yourself.

Free admission 

Open Tuesdays and Thursdays 13:00-16:00

Please phone or email for appointments at other times and to check public holiday opening hours. Group visits are particularly welcome outside normal opening hours.      Phone.png020 7563 4549


Oral cancer toolkit   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png         CRUK_Pos_CMYK_300.jpg

Working with Cancer Research UK, we developed a toolkit to help keep you up to date on your clinical knowledge of oral cancer, as well as providing information for your patients.


Professional development   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

Online courses

Our acclaimed online qualifications, Dental Radiography and Oral Health Education, have helped over 3,700 DCPs learn new skills and boost their careers. Dedicated teaching staff are on hand to help students reach their potential.

Radiography:      Phone.png020 7563 6888

Oral Health Education:      Phone.png020 7563 4551


Essentials of decontamination

This short online course covers all the essential information you need to enable you to understand and implement effective decontamination procedures within your practice, and ensure a safe environment for your patients and staff.



We provide an annual programme of one-day seminars applicable to dentists and their teams addressing key clinical dental topics and business skills delivered by leading academics and practitioners.

Members save over 30% on all seminars and can book online.      Phone.png020 7563 4590


Training Essentials

Training Essentials is a portfolio of courses to help meet the training needs of the whole of the dental team. These one-day, cost-effective courses cover a range of topics, including all six core CPD subjects, regulatory updates, business management and personal development.

An excellent networking and learning opportunity, and a great way to build on the essential skills of your whole team.

Members save around 25% on all Training Essential courses and can book online.      Phone.png020 7563 4590


Salaried Groups   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

The Salaried Groups represent all salaried members (those dentists working in Hospital, Community Services and the Armed Forces) by providing opportunities for high-quality Continuing Professional Development, specially tailored to each group's individual needs, serving their educational, scientific, clinical and social interests.

The groups work hard to develop accessible local divisional study days, events and courses.      Phone.png02920 436 185


Shop   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

If you're looking for a book on dentistry then look no further than our online shop. We have an extensive range of dental books, covering endodontology and implantology, right through to periodontology and radiography. We also sell the ever-popular BDJ Clinical Guides, medical history forms and patient leaflets.

You can choose from a comprehensive range of titles from the world's foremost dentistry publishers,

including Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Oxford University Press, Radcliffe and Wiley-Blackwell.

We can also source titles from these publishers, even if they are not in our core range. So, if you can't see the book you're looking for, contact us and we'll do our best to get it for you at a reduced price.

Significant discounts are available exclusively for our members. Please log in to the member-only area online to access your member discount.

If you are searching for something to brighten up your practice or inspiration for presents for colleagues, friends and family, look no further than our carefully-selected range of gift ideas.

Web.png​​      Phone.png020 7563 4555


Social media   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

Stay up to date by connecting with our social media communities, where you can get news and opinions on UK dentistry.



Trade Union representation   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

All members can expect the profession to be represented in its dealings with governments and employing authorities, including:

  • Negotiating terms and conditions of service
  • Lobbying on legislation, commissioning and contract arrangements
  • Campaigning
  • Championing high standards
  • Promoting the role of evidence-based care.

In addition, salaried members are entitled to one-to-one advice, delivered via phone or email from your Employment Relations Officer (ERO) on terms and conditions of service and many other day-to-day matters. The Employment Relations Team also offers personal representation in matters of personal or contractual dispute with employers.      Phone.png020 7563 4582


Young Dentists Committee   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

The Young Dentists Committee are elected to represent dentists who have been qualified for up to 10 years across the UK.

The Committee has a wealth of experience to champion the needs and wants of younger dentists in terms of policy making, political lobbying and improving the quality of working life for young dentists.


Young Dentists Groups   Essential-icon.pngExtra-icon.pngExpert-icon.png

Our Young Dentists Groups offer a place to continue learning. Offering social and clinical activities, plus excellent networking opportunities, this is a great place to meet like-minded young dentists in your local area.      Phone.png​02920 436182