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Cap placed on GDS maternity, parental and sickness pay

The Department of Health in England has introduced an upper limit on the amount payable for parental leave or sick leave to general dental practitioners. The cap applied to long-term sickness payments from 1 April 2017 and to maternity payments from 1 October 2017. The maximum amount per week will be £1,660 (or £3,630 if you are an orthodontic performer). This will apply for GDS and PDS maternity pay, paternity pay, adoption pay and long-term sickness pay. Though your actual amount will be based on your average net pensionable earnings up to the maximum. Of course you must be eligible for the payment in the first place (see BDA advice Dentists’ parental leave and pay and Dentists’ long-term sickness and pay).
If you are self-employed – a practice owner or associate – and claiming maternity payments these will also for the first time from 1 April 2017 take into account your entitlement to state Maternity Allowance. This is a separate benefit payable directly by the Department of Work and Pensions at a rate of £140.98 per week (2017/18). Your NHS maternity payment will assume that you are claiming this and so will reduce your weekly NHS maternity payment by this amount - so make sure that you also put in a separate claim for the state Maternity Allowance.