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​Employment relations

All BDA members who are employed on national terms and conditions can access help for employment issues, regardless of which membership package they have chosen. This includes members in the community dental service, hospital dentists, those employed by dental schools, members working in the armed forces and a variety of employed roles within the NHS.


BDA membership gives you access to personal advice and support on all matters relating to your contract terms and conditions such as pay, sickness absence, disciplinary and grievance procedures, organisational change and redundancy and flexible working.


Contact us

BDA Employment Relations advice

Tel: 0207 563 4582

​BMA Employment advice (Hospital dentists)       
Tel: 0300 123 1233

The BMA supports BDA members working under hospital terms and conditions, call 0300 123 1233 if you are a hospital dentist seeking employment relations support.

BDA advice​​

Employment relations - BDA Accredited Representatives

Employment relations - Disciplinary and Capability procedures

Employment relations - Equality and diversity

Employment relations - Grievance procedure

Employment relations - Indemnity and clinical representation

Employment relations - Job planning, appraisal and pay progression
Employment relations - Flexible working
Employment relations - Leave entitlements

Employment relations - Redundancy
Employment relations - Sickness absence

Employment relations - Employment contracts
Employment relations - TUPE

​Local workplace reps

The BDA has a network of trained local workplace reps, called accredited reps (ARs) in the salaried service, and dental university accredited reps (DUARs) in universities. Your local AR or school rep may be able to help with your query and will refer appropriately any issue needing specialist support.

Collective representation

​At a national level dentists working in the different areas of dentistry are represented by the committees for each country and craft group, such as the Welsh Committee for Community Dentistry; the Armed Forces Committee. Locally, salaried service and university dentists are represented on the staff side by the BDA workplace rep. Where there are particularly complex or contentious local issues (such as consultation on redundancy), a BDA Employment Relations Officer may represent groups of members.​

Terms and conditions of employment

Community dental service dentists


Terms and conditions and model contract
Pay circulars


Terms and conditions

Pay circulars


Terms and conditions
Pay circulars

Northern Ireland

A new contract was agreed in March 2016 but has not yet been implemented, see the recent press release for details.


Clinical academic dentists

Universities are independent organisations with the freedom to set terms and conditions for their staff, including dentists. Although clinical academics' terms and conditions are often based on the appropriate NHS terms and conditions, this is not always the case.





Northern Ireland​​​