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Expert Solutions templates

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Access to information held by the practice (v2)

Accessible information policy (v1)

Adoption leave and pay policy (v4)

Amalgam use and disposal protocol (v3)

Annual leave policy and form (v2)

Associate-performer information (v2)

Associate-performer reference request (v1)

Associate contract - England and Wales
Associate contract - Northern Ireland
Associate contract - private practice
Associate contract - Scotland
Associate orthodontic contract - England and Wales (GDS contracts/PDS agreements)


Bullying and harassment policy (v2)

Business continuity and disaster recovery policy (v2)


Cashflow forecast template (v2)

Chairside hours calculation (v1)

Chairside hours worksheet (v1)

Chaperone policy (v1)

Cleaning schedule example (v1)

Commitment to patients and appointments policy (v2)

Commitment to staff policy (v2)

Complaint letter - faulty equipment (v1)

Complaints - code of practice for patients (E-W-NI) (v4)

Complaints handling policy - comments on Scotland template (v1)

Complaints handling policy (E-W-NI) (v1)

Complaints letters - NHS (E-W-NI) (v2)

Complaints letters - NHS Scotland (v2)

Complaints letters - private (v2)

Complaints record (v1)

Complaints report (E-W) (v1)

Confidentiality policy (v3)

Consent form - photographs (v1)

Consent form - sedation (v2)

Consent form - treatment (v2)

Consent policy (v2)


Data protection code of practice for patients (v4)

Data security policy - practice (v3)

Debt recovery letters (v2)

Decontaminating laboratory items (v2)

Direct access - patient leaflet (v1)

Direct access policy (v1)

Disciplinary procedure (v3)

Disciplinary procedure letters (v2)

Disciplinary record (v1)


Electronic communications - patient notice and consent (v2)

Email and internet use policy (v3)

Emergency leave policy (v2)

Employed dentists - code of practice (v1)

Employee maternity leave plan (v2)

Employment contract (v5)

Employment contract variation - letters (v1)

Environmental policy statement (v1)

Equality policy (v1)

Exit interview questions (v2)


Fire action notice (v1)

Flexible working policy (v1)

FOIA - guide to information (v2)

FOISA - guide to information (Scotland) (v1)


GDC standards - patient leaflet (v1)

Grievance procedure (v2)

Grievance procedure letters (v2)


Hand hygiene protocol (v1)

Harassment by patients - policy statement (v2)

Health and safety policy (v3)

Healthcare waste audit (v2)

Healthcare waste disposal policy (v2)

Hepatitis B - vaccine response letter (v2)

Hourly rate calculation (v2)

Hourly rate worksheet (v1)


Induction programme (v2)

Infection control annual statement - England (v2)

Infection control policy (v5)

Inoculation injuries policy (v2)

In-practice capitation scheme agreement (v2)

In-practice capitation scheme application form (v2)

In-practice capitation scheme direct debit mandate (v2)

In-practice capitation scheme leaflet (v2)

IRMER - employers written procedures (v1)


Job application form (v2)

Job descriptions (v2)

Job interview assessment form (v1)

Job interview letter (v1)

Job interview questions (v2)

Job offer letter (v1)

Job rejection letter (v1)


Latex policy (v1)


Manual cleaning protocol (v2)

Manual handling assessment (v1)

Manual handling techniques (v1)

Maternity and parental leave and pay policy (v4)

Mobile phone policy (v1)

Moving instruments to and from an LDU protocol (v3)


New equipment selection protocol (v1)

New patient - practice standards and questionnaire (v2)

New patient - welcome letter (v2)

New patient satisfaction questionnaire (v1)

NHS remedial and breach notice letters (v2)


Oral cancer - team roles and responsibilities (v1)


Partnership agreement (v2)

Patient appointments policy (v2)

Patient group direction (v1)

Patient letter - missed appointment

Patient questionnaire (v1)

Patient safety - untoward incidents policy (v5)

Payment - bill and instalments (v3)

PDP example

Pension auto-enrolment - staff letter (v1)

People with significant control register (v2)

Performance appraisals (v2)

Practice closure - patient notification (v2)

Practice closure - safe storage and retrieval of records (v2)

Practice fees and payments policy (v4)

Practice information leaflet (v5)

Practice meetings - agenda and notes (v2)

Practice newsletters (v1)

Practice sales and TUPE letters (v2)

Pre-employment checks (v1)

Prescribing and dispensing policy (v2)

Prescriptions for private patients (v1)


Quality assurance policy (v2)


Radiation equipment testing (v1)

Radiation protection file (v2)

Records management policy (v2)

Recruitment monitoring form (v2)

Recruitment policy (v2)

Redundancy letters (v1)

Redundancy policy (v2)

Reference request (v3)

Referral letters (v1)

Referral protocol (v2)

Referral to hygienist (v2)

Risk assessment - dental practice (v3)

Risk assessment - hepatitis B non-responder (v3)

Risk assessment - pregnant and nursing mothers (v2)

Risk assessment - work experience student (v2)

Risk assessment for trainee nurse (v3)


Safeguarding policy (v1)

Selecting new equipment protocol (v1)

Sickness absence (long term) letters (v2)

Sickness absence (short term) letters (v2)

Sickness and injury absence policy (v3)

Sickness self-certification form (v1)

Staff satisfaction surveys (v1)

Stress policy (v1)


Training policy (v2)

Training review record (v1)

Treatment plan and estimate (v1)


Underperformance and whistleblowing policy (v3)


Violence and aggression policy (v1)

Violent incident report form and log (v1)