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​Recently updated advice


Pensions - annual limits       

Pensions - Lifetime allowance 

Recruiting staff 

Title 'Dr' 


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A to Z of BDA advice

Anticoagulants and antiplatelet drugs
Associates working in general dental practice
Associate leaving a practice

Associate pay under the NHS prototype contract
Associates - quick guide
Associates - practice owner code of practice

Botox® and non-surgical cosmetic procedures
Bullying harassment and violence at work
Business continuity planning
Business names and brands
Business planning and managing change

Buying a dental practice

CQC registration 
CQC compliance requirements
Careers in dentistry
Clinical audit and peer review
Combined Practice Inspection checklist - Scotland

Companies and LLPs 
Complaints handling
CPD (enhanced) - a summary

CV writing

Data protection

Data Security and Protection Toolkit - FAQs 

Death and serious illness                           
Dental unit waterlines                
Dentists parental leave and pay 

Dentists legal rights as commercial purchasers                                   
Dentists long-term sickness and pay
Disability discrimination - dentists as service providers
Disciplinary procedures and dismissal

Employees' maternity and parental rights 
Employee pay and rewards
Employing staff
Employment contracts practice sales and TUPE
Enhanced CPD - a summary
Equality and diversity in the workplace

Fee collection
Fees guide - Northern Ireland 
Fees guide - Scotland
Fee setting

Financial Healthcheck tool (partner with Lloyd & Whyte)

Financial management
Freedom of information (FOIA)

GDPR explained


GDS in England and Wales - guide to the standard contract
GDS in Northern Ireland
Grievance at work                        

Health and safety
Healthcare waste

Health Inspectorate Wales (HIW) registration guidance​

Incorporation concerns in NI and Scotland

Infection control

Jury service and public duties

Leases and licences  


​Managing performance  
Maternity and adoption leave and pay​ - Dentists'

Maternity and adoption leave and pay - Employees’  

Medical devices
Medical emergencies
Money laundering
Music and visual recordings in the practice

New practice start-up    
NHS BSA Dental Activity Review

NHS dentistry in England and Wales

NHS dentistry in Northern Ireland

NHS dentistry in Scotland

NHS dispute resolution – England and Wales

Occupational health service

Paternity leave - Dentists'

Paternity leave - Employees’

Pensions - annual limits  
Pensions - calculation of NHSPS Net pensionable earnngs (England and Wales)

Pensions - NHS pension information statements
Pensions - ​in the GDS (95 and 08 sections)

Pensions - in the salaried services (95 and 08 sections)

Pensions - Lifetime allowance  

Pensions - the 2015 Scheme 

Prescribing and medicines management
Protecting personal information  
Private dental plans and in-practice capitation schemes                  

Radiation protection
Recruiting staff 
Risk assessment

Safeguarding patients
Sedation - patient and operator safety
Sickness absence
Specialty training

Tendering in England and Wales
Title 'Dr' 
Tooth whitening