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Employing staff

Every dental practice benefits from a strong supportive team working together. The rules governing staff recruitment and employment are comprehensive and complex; it can be difficult to fully understand the responsibilities of an employer and the rights of employees.

The resource proved here will help you to understand your responsibilities as an employer.

BDA advice



Employing and
managing staff




Other contractors

Employing staff

Recruiting staff
Safeguarding patients
Equality and diversity in the workplace


Disciplinary procedures and dismissal
Employee maternity and parental rights
Employee pay and rewards
Grievance procedures
Sickness absence
Employment contracts, practice sales and TUPE
Jury service and public duties
Managing performance

Hygienists and therapists

Advice videos

​The disciplinary procedure
1 - Investigation
2 - Invitation
3 - Meeting
4 - Decision
5 - Facing a disciplinary (for employees)


Managing sickness absence

​BDJ InPractice

Cleaning companies - May 15
Compassionate leave - May 13
Confidentiality - eavesdroppers - Jun 13

CPD returns for DCPs - Mar 14
Criminal records checks - Dec 13
Disciplinaries - when a hunch is not enough - Sept 15
Disciplinaries and dismissals - appeals - Feb 15
Disciplinary - a quiet word may be enough - Aug 14
Disciplinary - companions - Jul 13
Disciplinary - offering resignation - Nov 14
Disciplinary - staff who steal - Sep 13
Disciplinary - written warnings - Aug 14
Disciplinary and dismissal - Apr 14
Disciplinary and dismissal - final warnings - Jul 15
Disciplinary hearings - Dec 13
Disciplinary investigations - Jul 15
Disciplinary letters - Jan 15
Disciplinary meetings - Nov 14
Emergency leave policy - Oct 15
Employing a disabled worker - Aug 14

Employment - inductions - Nov 15
Employment - probationary periods - Nov 15
Employment checks - Oct 15
Employment contracts - Dec 14
Employment procedures - Nov 15
Employment tribunal claims fall - Jun 14
Flexible working can bring benefits - May 14
Flexible working procedure - Aug 15
Grievance - open questions - Jun 13
Grievance - the initial meeting - Jun 13
Grievances raised after resignation - Mar 13
Interviewing for employees - Mar 13
Maternity leave - holiday leave entitlement - Jan 16
Maternity leave rules - Jul 14
Recruitment - job ads - Feb 13
Resignations - heat-of-the-moment - Oct 14
Return-to-work interviews - Aug 13
Sexual harassment - Nov 13
Shared parental leave - Feb 15
Sick employees - contact - Jan 12
Sickness - Fit for Work scheme - Sept 15
Sickness - long-term - Sep 14
Sickness - repeated short-term - Nov 14
Staff - boost performance - Aug 15
Staff training - the benefits - Apr 15
Theft at work - Sept 15
TUPE - May 15

​Expert Solutions templates Adoption leave and pay policy (v3).doc
Annual leave (holiday) policy and form (v1).doc
Bullying and harassment policy (v1).doc
Disciplinary procedure (v2.1).doc
Disciplinary procedure letters (v1).doc
Emergency leave policy (v1).doc
Employment contract (v4).doc
Employment contract variation (v1).doc
Equal opportunities policy (v2).doc
Equality and diversity policy (v1).doc
Exit interview questions (v1).doc
Flexible working policy (v1).doc
Grievance procedure (v2).doc
Grievance procedure letters (v2).doc
Harassment by patients - policy statement (v1).doc
Hygienist or therapist - self-employed contract (v2.1).doc
Induction programme (v1).doc
Job application form (v1).doc
Job descriptions (v2).doc
Job interview assessment form (v1).doc
Job interview letter (v1).doc
Job interview questions (v2).doc
Job offer letter (v1).doc
Job rejection letter (v1).doc
Maternity and parental leave and pay policy (v3).doc
Maternity leave plan (v2).doc
Performance appraisals (v2).doc
Personal development plan (v1).doc
Pre-employment checks (v1).doc
Recruitment monitoring form (v1).doc
Recruitment policy (v2).doc
Redundancy letters (v1).doc
Redundancy policy (v2).doc
Reference request (v2).doc
Sickness absence (long term) letters (v1).doc
Sickness absence (short term) letters (v1).doc
Sickness and injury absence policy (v2).doc
Sickness self-certification form (v1).doc
Training agreement (dental nurses) (v1.1).doc
Training policy (v1).doc
Training review record (v1).doc

See Expert Solutions for more template policies and protocols
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