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​​Evidence summaries

As a dentist you have a duty to develop your knowledge in order to give patients the best possible care. Evidence summaries communicate up-to-date information on topics chosen by you that can influence your standard of care and help maintain your professional knowledge.

Evidence summaries can form a useful and empowering resource for dentists by providing easy access to the evidence-based information they need. The summaries answer set questions by following strict criteria to assess the current evidence base. Each summary provides an easy to read digest of the available information on a question submitted to us.

Download the summaries below.

Access to dental care for frail elderly people - Feb 15

Attitude to blood borne virus patients - Mar 13

Bonded composites versus ceramic veneers - May 14

Care-seeking and oral health - May 10

​Cervical tooth loss defects - Jul 16

Clinical effectiveness of gold inlays versus fillings - May 13

​Cross-infection and the 'cost of illness' - Feb 15

Defining oral health - Jan 10

Dental erosion and dietary advice - Feb 15

Dental liners and post-operative sensitivity - Feb 15

Dental problems and their management in patients with dementia - Aug 13

Dentist's fear and clinical decision making - Apr 10

Fluoride varnish for older people: is this a good idea - Jul 14

Healthcare ratings - Oct 14

Increasing dental attendance by poor families or families from deprived areas - Feb 15

Irrigation in endodontics - Dec 14

Lignocaine vs articaine in dentistry - Feb 16

NTI-tss in pain management - Aug 14

Obesity and oral health - Jun 15

Peri-implant diseases - May 15

Periodontal debridement in medically compromised patients receiving bisphosphonate treatment - Apr 14

Plastic waste and environmental pollution - Apr 11

Restorative materials and environmental pollution - Oct 12

Routine scaling - Feb 15

Second molar distal caries - May 13

Shortened dental arch therapy in old age - Jul 13

Smoking cessation in NHS dentistry - Feb 15


Tooth whitening, smoking and cancer - Apr 17


What is prevention? - Dec 09

Evidence summaries in the pipeline are shown below. The topics have been selected from suggestions made by you. If there is something you would like to see a summary on email us to make a suggestion and your topic might be chosen!


  • Occupational cancer                       



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