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GDS adoption leave payments

Adoption payments are very similar to maternity payments and amounts are calculated in the same way. They are payable to an adoptive parent who has:

  • responsibility as the main care provider for the child

  • been included in a dental list for a period of at least two years, the last 26 weeks of which are continuous and immediately precede the date of adoption

  • ceased to provide general dental services wholly or partly because of the adoption but retains an NHS main list number

  • met the minimum earnings requirements or derives at least 90 per cent of their earnings from professional practice from their gross earnings.

Adoption leave payments are payable for up to 26 weeks from the date of adoption.

Documents giving the following information are required to support the application:

  • the date on which the child is expected to be placed for adoption or the actual date of placement

  • the date the adopter was notified of having been matched with the child, endorsed by the appropriate adoption agency with its name and address or a matching document giving equivalent details.

For inter-country adoption:

  • the date on which the adopter received official notification

  • the expected date on which the child is expected to enter the UK or the date on which the child did so

  • a copy of the official notification and evidence of the date of the child’s arrival; and that the dentist will be the main care provider for the child.

The dentist has to make a number of declarations on the claim form about intending to return to practice and not having made a claim to another HB.